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Introducing Salesforce Lightning Flow: The Power of CRM Process Automation for Every CX

Customers Could Use Salesforce Lightning Flow to Build Automated Processes That Improve Data Entry and Accuracy of Form-Filling Processes At the Salesforce's annual TrailheaDX conference, the company has announced the launch of Salesforce Lightning. With Salesforce Lightning, Trailblazers can work even better, and faster, together to build apps and components via clicks or code. With a complete spectrum of tools and services — from the no-code App Builder to fully programmatic environments like Heroku — developers of all…

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Unveils Conversational Queries to Simplify Data

Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics' Conversational Queries, Users Can Ask Questions to Derive Actionable Insights and Determine How Their Sales Efforts Churn Results According to a recent blog from Salesforce, the company has expanded the capabilities of their AI-powered Einstein Analytics platform with a complete set of analytics and data-based insights. Salesforce Einstein Analytics now features a totally new capability, branded as Conversational Queries. With Conversational Queries, users can derive more accurate…