Introducing Salesforce Lightning Flow: The Power of CRM Process Automation for Every CX

Customers Could Use Salesforce Lightning Flow to Build Automated Processes That Improve Data Entry and Accuracy of Form-Filling Processes

At the Salesforce’s annual TrailheaDX conference, the company has announced the launch of Salesforce Lightning. With Salesforce Lightning, Trailblazers can work even better, and faster, together to build apps and components via clicks or code. With a complete spectrum of tools and services — from the no-code App Builder to fully programmatic environments like Heroku — developers of all skill levels are free to choose the right tool for their team across the entire development lifecycle on Salesforce.

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Salesforce Lightning Flow Allows Embedded Einstein Analytics and Live Updates Within Custom Apps

Zac Otero
Zac Otero

At the time of this announcement, Zac Otero, Salesforce Lead, BKD CPAs & Advisors, said, “Trailhead is the front door to a new career that’ll change your life. I’m living proof that you can go from the factory floor to dealing with the most advanced technologies in the world. Through Salesforce and Trailhead, there’s a place for anyone in the new economy—you just have to reach for it.”

Trailhead Empowers Anyone to Skill up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution with New Learning Trails from Google and Personalized Learning Journeys.

Salesforce Lightning Flow Allows Trailblazer to Bring the Power of Process Automation to CRM

Lightning Flow is the latest platform service that gives any Trailblazer the tools to bring the power of process automation to CRM. Many businesses continue to manage customer processes with legacy tools disconnected from customer data, resulting in costly delays and lost opportunities. With Lightning Flow Components, developers and business users are now building processes with guided, visual tools integrated with customer data and embedded into any touchpoint, resulting in reduced wait times for customers and improved productivity.

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Make Every App Smarter with the Einstein Analytics and Quip Live Apps

With advances in AI and app integration, business users can now embed intelligence directly into their apps and gain instant access to additional capabilities that keep their business moving forward in just a few clicks.

Einstein Analytics Developer Experience

Now, developers can use Lightning components to embed Einstein Analytics and live updates within custom apps to make smarter decisions, all with clicks, not code.

Third-party Quip Live Apps

These interactive, customizable apps can be used right inside Quip, and are now available directly in the Salesforce AppExchange from partners including Altify,, and Vidyard. Now customers can quickly and easily navigate deals, design infographics, embed videos and more – all within a single Quip document.

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Trailhead Accelerates the Next Generation of Developer Learning and Career Growth

Trailhead is Salesforce’s gamified online learning platform that takes users on free, guided learning paths to gain skills needed to thrive in the workforce of the future. Since launching in 2014, Trailblazers have earned more than 6.5 million badges, which directly relate to in-demand job skills.

Also announced at the ongoing TrailheaDX conference, Salesforce is expanding Trailhead to include —

Google Trailhead Content

New content from Google Analytics and Google Cloud. The Google Analytics trail helps Trailblazers understand how to gain key insights into their website, with out-of-the-box Google Analytics Reports & Dashboards. The Google Cloud trail teaches users how to run powerful data queries with BigQuery, a low-cost, fully managed enterprise data warehouse for analytics at scale.

Trail Guides

Personalized learning journeys empower anyone to learn the skills of the future. Trail Guides map the right journey for any role or any experience level with recommended content, emails and notifications along the way—giving everyone a direct path to land their dream job.

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