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Storyblocks Launches New Member Library Partner Program to Maximize Revenue for Contributors and Drastically Expand Creative Freedom for the Mass Creative Class

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New Model Provides Access to High-Quality Digital Creative Tools, While Enabling Contributors To Share in Success

Storyblocks, the first and largest subscription-based stock media company, announced the launch of its new content service, its Member Library Partner Program, as it evolves its offerings to better align with the needs of content contributors and creators alike. The Member Library Partner Program provides a simple, all-inclusive subscription-based content library for the creative industry while allowing contributor commissions to grow as Storyblocks’ membership grows, furthering the company’s position as the most artist-friendly stock media offering in the industry.

The Member Library Partner Program gives creators unlimited access to diverse, high-quality stock video to create like professionals at any level in the creative industry. The Library is offered at an affordable membership price and built with flexible royalty-free licensing to give creators more freedom to produce work without restrictions. These solutions aim to help fuel creativity and inspiration to power the new and different generation of storytellers, from hobbyists to experts – what Storyblocks defines as the mass creative class.

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For contributors, the Partner Program is uniquely designed to prioritize sustainable revenue growth alongside subscription growth: as the market grows, contributor earnings grow. Contributors will gain access to an emerging audience that no other stock media company is championing, and maximize earnings across their stock media portfolio. The Member Library Partner Program also will provide Storyblocks, and in turn its contributors, with insights about content performance and trends to help contributors improve their content and plan for the future.

“The Member Library Partner Program puts us in the unique position to provide diverse, high-quality stock media that the mass creative class demands while providing an earnings boost for our contributor community, and allowing them to better share in our success over the long run,” said TJ Leonard, CEO of Storyblocks. “We believe you cannot pivot an old approach to meet the needs of a new audience, and so we have created a fresh approach to stock media access that reflects the freedom, flexibility and choice required by today’s digital storytellers.”

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While the Storyblocks Video Marketplace was an industry-leading model since it launched in 2015, changes in the digital media landscape and the needs of its content creators necessitated a new approach that could grow content contributor earnings, while improving choice and creative freedom for customers. In continuing to evolve stock media solutions, Storyblocks has closed its Marketplace program to fully invest in the Member Library Partner Program and focus on a truly all-inclusive program for subscription stock media.

Storyblocks will work with a targeted group of contributors to start, both in order to ensure consistency in both earnings and payout growth, as well as maintain a quality library. The company will add additional contributors as the market grows, and all prospective contributors are encouraged to apply. Through membership subscriptions, Storyblocks’ Member Library Earnings pool will be divided among all contributors who participate in the program based on how much of their content is downloaded, which will approximately triple their previous earnings. Ultimately, contributors will earn more than they ever had before, ensuring the long-term success of contributors with Storyblocks as the mass creative class evolves.

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