Thought Industries Announces Integration With Gainsight Sightline, The First Complete Customer Success Ecosystem

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Thought Industries, the world’s leading B2B customer training platform provider, announced its integration with Gainsight Sightline, the world’s first customer success ecosystem. Gainsight Sightline brings together complementary technology and services solutions on the Gainsight platform. Through this integration, customers will be able to reduce time to value and accelerate their adoption across customer success technologies.

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“The ability to provide personalized customer training content experiences directly in-product with data-driven usability analytics is a powerful combination to further increase product adoption, engagement and help users learn how to be successful faster,” said Barry Kelly, CEO, Thought Industries. “We look forward to bringing additional value to the Gainsight PX product experience platform to help drive and increase lifetime value.”

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Delivering value to customers is more important than ever in the current economic environment. Today, the risk of customer churn is heightened, and organizations are forced to deliver results with fewer resources. The Thought Industries partnership with Gainsight Sightline is well-timed to give customer success teams a win by decreasing the time to value from their technologies. Customers using Thought Industries through the Sightline partnership will enable Gainsight PX users to search for and include training materials directly in-product for enhanced product understanding and connecting user engagement metrics with training team efforts.

“As the first complete customer success ecosystem, Gainsight Sightline is helping us pivot the world around the customer, and we’re excited to have Thought Industries be a part of the Sightline ecosystem,” said Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight. “The power of Gainsight’s platform and the technological excellence of the Thought Industries customer training platform makes a great combination to supercharge customer success initiatives and build a thriving community.”

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