Indicative Brings a New Layer of Clarity and Simplicity to the Global Analytics Market

Indicative, a leading customer analytics software company, has announced a solution that makes it easier for nontechnical people to work with data. Released to the public this morning, a reimagined visual interface and increased functionality firmly establishes Indicative as a pioneer in advanced customer analytics for product and marketing teams.

Indicative’s enhanced query building capabilities lower the barrier for people to work with data, making it possible for anyone to create interactive visualizations and monitor customer journeys. With a mobile interface and upgraded data management support, people have more flexibility as to where, when, and how they work. As a result, cross-functional teams can reduce silos and work together in a more collaborative way across product, marketing, and analytics operations.

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Indicative democratizes customer analytics by connecting everyone at an organization to a single source of data. Anyone, of any skill level, gets a simple set of tools to answer otherwise-complex customer questions, without the need to know SQL.

“This level of collaboration is especially important for organizations navigating uncertainty,” says Jeremy Levy, CEO. “Facing a challenging global economy, our customers need to be able to take their most meaningful steps forward, make their most informed judgment calls, and put down data-driven roots. Now is a time when we need to be working together — remotely, across screens, and with fewer working hours in the day. That means establishing workflows that increase accessibility to information.”

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Since 2014, Indicative has been behind the scenes of some of today’s fastest-growing, global-first companies in industries spanning media, financial services, education, and more. Unlike other customer analytics solutions, Indicative is the only platform that combines value propositions of technical sophistication with ease of use and simple visualizations.

“It’s amazing what’s possible when companies streamline the people-side of their operations and empower teams to make better decisions,” says Levy. “Algorithms become smarter. Datasets become richer. Relationships with customers become more strategic. Businesses grow. We see it everyday. Indicative solves the ‘last mile’ challenge of the data analysis equation, which is about creating business value from insights.”

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