Creatd Ventures Sees Amazon Sales Increasing Across its Portfolio of CPG Brands

  • Amazon marketing and 3PL solutions to be a more significant online distribution channel for FY2023

  • Brick-and-mortar sales and partnerships continue to grow

Creatd, Inc. (“Creatd” or the “Company”), is pleased to provide an update on Creatd Ventures’ portfolio of consumer product goods brands.

Creatd Ventures full suite of consumer product goods (CPG) brands, are now available on Amazon, including:

  • Dune Glow Remedy – beauty and wellness beverage
  • Camp – healthy protein-packed Mac’n’Cheese
  • Basis – clean hydration beverage
  • Brave – plant-based overnight breakfast

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Commented Creatd’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Jeremy Frommer “We have already experienced record sales days on Amazon Prime for both Basis and Camp, without corresponding increases in marketing spend. Our return-on-ad-spend regularly surpasses two times our cost and is expected to significantly further increase as we refine our data and analytics. Additionally, we continue to make headway in the brick-and-mortar space, which I believe is important for a well-balanced CPG portfolio. Recent winds have included the expansion of our product lines at both Urban Outfitters and Erewhon Markets. Our acquisitions group is currently looking at a half-a-dozen potential acquisitions, I would expect our portfolio to double within the next few quarters.”

Creatd, Inc. is a company with a mission to provide economic opportunities to creators and brands by multiplying the impact of platforms, people, and technology. The Company has four main business segments, or ‘pillars’: Creatd Labs, Creatd Partners, Creatd Ventures, and Creatd Studios. Each pillar is characterized by a distinct revenue model, while operating on a shared-services structure and proprietary data collected from our multiple technology platforms. Creatd’s pillars work together to create a flywheel effect, supporting our core vision of creating a viable and safe ecosystem for all stakeholders in the creator economy.

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