Atento’s Solutions Based on Cognitive Technology Create a More Satisfactory and Efficient Customer Experience

The Use of Cognitive Technology Is Part of Atento Digital’s Specialized Offer to Maximize the Opportunities Offered by Digitalization Throughout the Client’s Life Cycle

Atento S.A., the leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America, and one of the top five providers worldwide incorporates cognitive technology into its customer experience services and solutions to increase final consumer satisfaction and the effectiveness of the business processes related to the client.

A clear example of this is Atento’s cognitive customer care solution that combines Keepcon’s semantic technology with Atento’s omnichannel customer service platform to respond in an automated manner and in real time to routine customer demands through all types of interaction channels, including social networks.

Atento's Solutions Based on Cognitive Technology Create a More Satisfactory and Efficient Customer ExperienceThe solution is integrated into the customer service strategy of each company and uses the Keepcon semantic engine to manage the first point of contact with the customer — either through social networks or other communication channels — and respond to demands via bots. In the case of social networks, Keepcon’s semantic capabilities can predict and optimize the management of demands thanks to its ability to understand the content in terms of both meaning and sentiment.

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The solution also incorporates the automated prioritization and intelligent routing of interactions that require attention from a human agent. In addition, the use of this technology generates business intelligence that can improve the operational efficiency of the contact center. The level of effectiveness of automatic responses and intelligent routing considerably increases through the customization of the semantic solution for each industry and each company’s value offer. The final result is a shorter response time, improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

This solution is already being implemented by Atento’s clients in sectors such as telecommunications or fast moving consumer goods, generating drastic reductions in response times, more effective segmentation and routing of customer inquiries, more relevant responses and freeing up agents’ time so they can focus on high added-value tasks.

Atento's Solutions Based on Cognitive Technology Create a More Satisfactory and Efficient Customer Experience
Mariano Castaños

In the words of Mariano Castaños, Atento’s Global Commercial Director, “We are very excited about the opportunities and benefits we can offer companies by incorporating cognitive technology into their customer management processes. A large part of the demand today focuses on the application of cognitive technology to customer care services, but the opportunities offered by the use of this technology can be extended to all processes relating to the client.”

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Atento offers the use of cognitive technology based on Keepcon’s semantic engine in all its services related to the client’s life cycle: sales; customer care; back office; collections; and technical support. Keepcon’s cognitive capabilities are also integrated into the high value-added end-to-end solutions that form Atento’s value offer for each industry.

Atento Digital provides tools for digital marketing, and front- and back-office customer relationship management process automation, as well as a solid omnichannel platform for greater efficiency and improved results in acquiring, managing and retaining customers. It also offers solutions for advancing in digital transformation processes while fully leveraging existing systems. Atento Digital’s proposal incorporates the use of cognitive technology based on Keepcon’s semantic engine and comprises a wide a range of solutions including 100% online sales, digital customer service, digital technical support, or digital debt collection. All these services are offered via Atento’s omnichannel platformboth traditional and digital channels. Atento’s digital proposal also includes consultancy services, and the use of analytics and automation tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of customer-related processes.

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