Fuel Cycle Takes Insights to the Next Level with New Product Release

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Fuel Cycle, the leading market research cloud, announced the general availability of its updated P2 Engine and Quick Polls to current customers utilizing Fuel Cycle research communities. The P2 Engine, which stands for the Progressive Profiling Engine, unifies research community member data from multiple sources. Quick Polls are a new research feature on Fuel Cycle that also become a data source feeding into the P2 Engine. Both the P2 Engine and Quick Polls are available on all versions of the Fuel Cycle platform.

The updated P2 Engine collects, consolidates and unifies customer profiling data from multiple sources, including surveys, CRM platforms, marketing automation platforms, file uploads, behavioral sources, and Quick Polls. This ensures insights professionals always have a single, constantly updated source of truth around who respondents are that is synchronized with any research activity conducted on Fuel Cycle, including Fuel Cycle Exchange partners like Voxpopme, Protobrand, Remesh, EyesDecide, and dozens more. In addition, the P2 Engine also syncs profiling data directly to CRM platforms to support end-to-end insights and enable audience activation.

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Quick Polls, a completely new feature on Fuel Cycle, enables quick questions to be asked of research community members and works across web browsers and Fuel Cycle’s mobile applications for iOS and Android. Quick Polls provide an essential tool for insights teams who need the flexibility to quickly gather structured data without the need to conduct a full survey.

Quick polls support diverse research use cases and engagement. Both single- and multi-select questions are supported, and results from the poll can either be displayed to the respondent or kept private for researchers to review.

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“Fuel Cycle creates research solutions that are fast, flexible, and connected to enable businesses to stay ahead of ever-evolving customer preferences and market conditions,” said Rick Kelly, SVP of Product & Research, “The recent updates to the P2 Engine and the addition of Quick Polls gives our customers incredible agility to support their business’ growth in a fast-paced environment.”

The release of Quick Polls and the update to the P2 Engine represent the 13th major update to the Fuel Cycle platform during 2019, along with nearly 1,000 minor enhancements delivered via 75 platform updates to Fuel Cycle customers this year.

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