Less Work, More Sales with Funnel CRM, Launched This Month

Funnel CRM Officially Launched This Month – Funnel Is an Intelligent CRM for Smart Teams. With Features That Will Make Your Sales Workflow Better

Long-Awaited Funnel CRM launches in the US The cloud-based customer relationship management software is designed to help small-medium businesses, startups, agencies, and freelancers close more deals without using complicated solutions.

The COO of the project, Irsa Chaudhry said on this occasion, “Two years ago, we channeled our efforts into a field that is close to our hearts. We chose to help improve the lives of salespeople and business owners by providing them with a single solution that can handle their sale process as well as lead tracking needs. Since then we have come a long way and we couldn’t be more excited to share our CRM with the world after tweaking and optimising it for a long time.”

Why Another CRM When There are Already Hundreds on the Market?

Today, sales reps are wasting much of their time on manual data entry than actually selling. And it can take them up to 3-6 hours a day just to perform manual documentation. Now that’s a lot for any sales business and it won’t take them too long before they get hit by “No Sales Syndrome”.

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Funnel CRM has many unique elements that can drastically improve your sales processes and productivity. One of the best features of this CRM is the way it eliminates manual data entry with automation and makes it so easy to maintain and grow your customer database. A feature missing from many complicated CRMs.

The easy-to-use CRM system can also be leveraged to build your own contact forms without any technical knowledge. Simply use the drag-and-drop options and build one to integrate into your website in just 30 seconds. See all the contact form submissions land right into your Funnel CRM dashboard rather ending up in your messy inbox. Because email is only a mode of communication and not a tool to capture immediate sales.

The smart CRM even lets you see when your messages have been viewed by the customer which helps ensure you are communicating with the intended recipient. Now, this will significantly improve your lead qualification process, conversion rate, and sales revenue. Because you will be able to keep track of your contacts, work-related inquiries, and follow-up on deals you didn’t receive a reply on that would otherwise have disappeared into the depths of your inbox.

Shedding light on the product’s advantage, the CEO of Funnel CRM, Gohar Shafique said, “Most CRM software have two things in common: bulky feature sets and complicated workflows. Funnel, on the other hand, is a simple, yet affordable and intelligent program that can help automate the tasks salespeople and business owners hate without the bloat of features popular and complicated CRMs brings. This means more sales and less data entry.”

Since sales involve sharing proposals, quotes, and estimates with your leads, it is ensured that Funnel CRM allows you to make a professional impression by sending a winning business proposal to your potential customers. This is one of the best features Funnel has to offer and it will greatly help salespeople win far too many clients.

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Interactions with both prospective and existing clients are also tracked automatically in the CRM. As a result, your work-related emails never get mixed up with your parent’s vacation photos. Funnel CRM convert your product, service, or deal related email inquiries into ‘Deals’ and labels them for you to identify the stage of the sales process they are in; new (deals you haven’t replied to), negotiation (deals with ongoing communication), proposal (deals waiting for reply on a sent proposal or quotation) and lastly won and lost deals.

It gives you a clear view of your entire sales pipeline with a visible dashboard. Sort your won and lost deals, interaction with customers, proposals sent over any time period and much more. In brief, it’s one heck of a tool to get all your leads, deals, contacts, interactions, and prospects in one place without using scattered solutions such as email, proposal builder, quotation tool, and lead tracking software.

On top of everything, Funnel CRM is tightly integrated with Gmail. Use it to sign into the Gmail app and send or receive notifications and messages from your customers. The Gmail integration can come in real handy when you are on the move and don’t want to mess around with signing into another service just to send a quick message or reply from your smartphone.

Who Can Use Funnel CRM?

Professional business consultants, lawyers, digital marketers, real estate agents, cryptocurrency dealers, public relationship/business development officers, tax preparers, solo freelancers, small-medium businesses, etc. can hugely benefit from Funnel CRM.

Best of all, you can sign up for a free 14 days trial and test out our fully featured service without any commitments. But, if you are already convinced that the new CRM will work for you and your business, you can choose a plan that is easy on your wallet.

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