PipelineDeals Launches Mobile CRM 3.0 to Enhance User Productivity

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New Features Meet User Trends Revealed in PipelineDeals CRM Mobile Survey; 71% Say CRM is the Most Important Business App

PipelineDeals, the most adopted customer relationship management (CRM) software among small and midsize businesses (SMB), released the PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 for Android and iOS. The app’s customizable pipeline management features meet the top needs of CRM users today, reflecting the results of the company’s recent CRM User Mobile Business Trends Survey.

“PipelineDeals for Android and iOS enables a sales professional to follow through with opportunities across all deal stages right from their mobile device,” said JP Werlin, CEO and Co-Founder of PipelineDeals. “PipelineDeals users can leave their computers without leaving their sales pipelines. They can work smarter with real-time data, be prepared for client meetings, get to appointments on time, and keep momentum going after making new contacts.”

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Results of the CRM Mobile Business Trends Survey

For a snapshot of mobile usage trends, PipelineDeals conducted a Mobile Business Trends Survey of 450 PipelineDeals CRM users working in various industries. Seventy-one percent say their CRM is the most important business app on their mobile. Half of all respondents say they spend 25 to 100 percent of their day in the field.

Checking email is the number one mobile business task followed by making phone calls and sharing documents. The survey also revealed that half of respondents want real-time alerts when a client reads emails, downloads attachments or clicks on links — to be at their most productive.

Mobile CRM Sales Focused Features

In response to how CRM users work on their mobiles today, the PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 takes traditional CRM functionality to another level. New features are designed to proactively notify users of real-time updates including through a Pipeline Activity Feed and with push notifications about People, Deals and Companies.

With minimal taps, users can navigate sales focused features that offer immediate, up-to-date insight into sales funnels and client history.

PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0 empowers users to work effectively while in the field, enabling them to:

  • See live Pipeline Activity:  Real-time feed displays deal movement in a sales pipeline.  
  • Talk-to-Text: Record and capture meeting notes.
  • Use geolocation tools: Map routes to sales visits with one-click.
  • Add, access, search, and update: Navigate easily to calendars, leads, tasks, contacts, and deals.
  • Review client data: Data is updated and automatically synchronized, from email to calendar activities.

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Customer Quotes

“I’m impressed by the new PipelineDeals mobile app which has quickly become essential for staying organized, effectively managing my contacts, and for being in the know about my pipeline,” said Jonathan Darden, Business Development Manager at Northstar Financial Insurance Services. “With PipelineDeals Mobile CRM 3.0, I have a truly mobile CRM experience and can work from anywhere.”

“The new PipelineDeals mobile app is an excellent tool for us. The greatly improved functionality and pipeline management features increases our productivity and performance in the field,” said Robert Decarie, Deputy Director of Operations of VPOC. “Now managing our business relationships is just as easy and efficient when we’re on the go as it is while at our desks.”

“PipelineDeals has delivered a terrific mobile CRM with important updates. It’s a must-have tool for anyone who wants to run a business more effectively with their mobile,” said Drew Schildwatcher, Chief Operating Officer at ConnectPay Payroll Services. “Our sales team loves the features and that’s why the app is the number one tool they use to stay organized, manage contacts and interact with them.”

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“The new PipelineDeals Mobile CRM is a game changer for our company because it’s easy to use and gives my team up-to-the-minute insights they need while traveling to client meetings. It is the most used app on my mobile today,” said James Marciano, CEO of Tuck Advisors, an investment bank that helps entrepreneurs sell their companies. “With improved CRM data, we save time and we can count on increasing profits.”

“The new PipelineDeals mobile app has been proven to be extremely helpful to get contact information while traveling,” said Marco Kristen, Marketing Director at TENMAT, a manufacturing company specializing in advanced materials and components. “It’s a great tool to quickly check on deal background information, quotes, pricing or previous client conversations.”

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