Really Simple Systems Launches CRM Customization Service

Global CRM software provider, Really Simple Systems, has launched a new service for CRM customization.

Leading cloud software vendor, Really Simple Systems, has launched a new CRM customization service, providing tailored CRM software to meet the needs of its larger customers.

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Established in 2006, the popular cloud CRM software vendor has launched a new service, enabling extensive modification to their standard CRM product. The new service has been developed in response to customer research that indicated demand from mid-sized businesses looking for a simple, yet flexible software resource at an affordable price.

The new customisation service invites customers to discuss their unique, and often complex, requirements with a technical expert to design the perfect system for their team, streamlining their processes to enable business efficiency and growth.

John Paterson, founder and CEO at Really Simple Systems, commented: “In recent years we have witnessed a trend for businesses to move towards cloud technologies, with CRM software at the heart of the transformation. As businesses grow and their dependence on their CRM is heightened, we are seeing an increased desire for software that can be effectively tailored to meet their unique needs. However, they are not looking for additional complexity and this is where Really Simple Systems excels.

“What is also evident is that our CRM software is more adaptable than those of our mainstream competitors, allowing us to better address the modifications required, and deliver at an affordable price.”

Paterson continued: “With the launch of this new customization service, we are inviting new and existing customers to get in touch to discuss their requirements.”

The Really Simple Systems CRM customization service is delivered in addition to the standard CRM product, with fees quoted according to the level of work required.

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