Open Road Integrated Media Revenue and Profits Up YTD 2021

22% Increase in Revenue and 292%+ EBITDA Improvement

70 Publishing Partners; 37,000+ Titles on Marketing-as-a-Service Platform

Open Road Integrated Media  (OR/M), the leading marketing company that provides content discovery and delivers digital experiences through its tech-enabled, data-focused platform, announced results through July 2021, highlighting a year-over-year increase of 22% in revenue and EBITDA improvement of over 292%+ in 2021. OR/M also grew in July 2021 with the acquisition of independent UK publisher Bloodhound Books. The deal provided OR/M a unique network of independent, successful authors to its partner content program, which is helping to fuel further growth for the company.

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“We align ourselves to harness reader interest in the titles we manage and this has created enormous triple-digit uplift for the titles and over 40% revenue increases for small and large businesses,” said Paul Slavin, OR/M’s CEO. “Our tech and data provides the industry a real-time solution by enabling better discovery and showcases books and brands reaching three million readers monthly.”

As audiences are demanding more content, OR/M continues to generate and extend audience reach through its Open Road Ignition, a full-service digital marketing, and sales program which includes over 70 publishing partners and 37,000 titles. The program integrates a powerful consumer outreach vehicle, direct demand stimulation, strategic and tactical pricing, consumer segmentation and personalization, content syndication, metadata, and copy optimization to offer a greater discovery for consumers. Additionally, on average, publishing partners earn 40% more through the service.

“As we continue to face supply chain issues and see consumers increasingly turning to digital discovery we remain extremely well-positioned to help our ever-growing list of publishing partners to leverage reader behavior to improve the success of their titles,” said Mary McAveney CRO/CMO of OR/M.

OR/M’s marketing improves searchability for titles and helps readers find books they might otherwise have missed. The proprietary technology platform allows our team to market tens of thousands of books every month.  It drives direct economic benefits: increased revenue, audience exposure, discoverability, a demonstrated “halo” effect across formats and series, and expanded readership. OR/M’s extensive, search-first content marketing showcases books and brands on its digital properties reaching three million readers monthly.

“Since partnering with Open Road Media and their Ignition program, we’ve seen monthly revenue increases of 100%-200% for participating titles over prior year sales. Their efforts have given a great boost to our backlist eBooks,” said Lareen Strong, Director of Marketing at Utah-based publisher Gibbs Smith. “It’s like having additional staff with the knowledge and commitment to creating new marketing platforms for us.”

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