Study Indicates KipuCRM Boosts Facility Admissions by up to 40 Percent in the First Six Months

174 facilities showed significant growth following module implementation

KipuHealth, an end-to-end electronic medical records (EMR) provider that focuses specifically on the treatment of Substance Use Disorder (SUD), Eating Disorders, and other Behavioral Health conducted an analysis of 174 treatment centers to gauge the efficiency of the CRM module within the KipuEMR platform.

Over a nine-month period, Kipu analyzed current KipuEMR clients implementing the CRM module with the goal of measuring the efficiencies of the system through admission numbers. Using three phases, the study analyzed admission data for the three months prior to the KipuCRM implementation, three months including the implementation and training period, and three months of complete usage. The results indicated staggering growth from an average of 71.2 admissions to over 87 admissions within the first six months of implementing the CRM module.

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“We noticed consistent growth early in the process,” said Jeffrey Fiorentino, CEO of KipuHealth. By the fourth month, our study group experienced a 16.3 percent growth, and by the end of the sixth month, it increased to 28.5 percent with many clients growing more than 40 percent. That staggering and measurable growth is very exciting to see.”

The KipuEMR, which is the foundation of the Kipu suite of services including KipuCRM and billing, powers over 1,600 SUD, Eating Disorder, and Behavioral Health treatment centers with its purpose-built electronic health record platform. The South Florida based company created The KipuEMR within a detox facility, in collaboration with real users – medical, clinical and administrative — who provided real input about what they needed to help achieve successful outcomes, and what data they needed to ensure efficiencies and growth.

“Kipu has been an integral part of my vision for creating a data-driven and solutions-focused organization,” said Arthur Palochak, COO at Fort Behavioral Health. Within their 134-bed facility, Fort Behavioral Health serves adults, veterans and adolescent boys and girls for SUD, and has an adolescent program for teens with autism spectrum disorder. “Since we’ve implemented the KipuCRM, every metric has grown, and our average daily census has more than tripled.”

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KipuCRM manages the entire pre admission process and creates a clean, smooth communication channel with their prospective clients. The software allows data to flow back and forth between the CRM and EMR, reducing the amount of time it takes to admit a patient by as much as 80%. The cloud-based platform enables treatment centers to easily track and manage phone calls, verification of benefits, referral sources, and ultimately get their patients into the right treatment. “We designed the KipuCRM for clients to easily maintain their referral network and seamlessly place patients in the correct treatment programs,” said Todd Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Kipu Health. “We understand that each facility has their own way of operating and working with patients, so we made the KipuCRM configurable for clients to manage their individual challenges and ensure success.”

“The ability to configure the CRM is huge for us, and the turnaround is extremely fast,” said Palochak. “The Kipu team is a great resource to us and helps us turn an already great tool, into a more powerful one that allows us to grow and evolve our business into other areas of behavioral health; they are an extension of our team.”

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