Crystalead Introduces Live Training Sessions for Online Marketing

Amidst financial instability in the field of online marketing, Crystalead is introducing a new training and guidance session for its new and veteran users, in order to ensure they have the tools necessary for digital advertising in the new reality. The session will be delivered live by the company’s professionals and are on an ‘on-demand’ format, available all throughout the company’s working hours. In this manner, Crystalead becomes one of the few campaign platforms offering just-in-time aid and assistance to client – a noteworthy achievement in the company’s development.

“We see many novice players entering the field of online commerce, probably a result of lockdowns and restrictions on physical trade and business in response to COVID-19. That has brought a need to ensure these new advertisers have a sufficient level of expertise in the field,” says Spokesperson Johnathan Greenwood.

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Greenwood also highlighted the importance of speedy work in assistance and guidance to new online marketers: “the more time it takes them to get in the game, the less chance they have at successfully competing against people who have been doing online commerce for a while. We need to get these people up to speed, ASAP.”

Online commerce and trading present many opportunities – as well as risks

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The world of trade and commerce online is ever-changing and the COVID-19’s true impact is yet to be fully understood. However, it is already clear that people are shifting their traditional methods of business to the virtual sphere in order to stay relevant in the market. The surge in the number of online shops opened in the past months is a clear indication of that. “People want to do business online and they want to put themselves out there. We’re here to give them the platform but more importantly to show them how to do it right,” explained Greenwood.

Crystalead offers its users a platform for simple online campaign advertising, including a quick process of creating ads and choosing the desired properties (budget, exposure, target audience, etc.). Now, users of the platform can also purchase packages from Crystalead which include benefits, as well as training sessions. These sessions are held live and scheduled in accordance with the demand from the customer. “That way, the users of our platform know they can get the help they need, exactly when they need it,” concluded Greenwood.

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