Active Feedback – Hitting the Sweet Spot between Qualitative & Quantitative CX Data

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UserReplay has added Voice of Customer Feedback features to its core platform, bringing first-party customer feedback to the heart of CX analytics. Active Feedback offers a totally new view of on-site analytics, combining qualitative and quantitative data seamlessly in a single solution. Enabling user feedback to be viewed and interrogated alongside other CX statistics and situational data collected by UserReplay.

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Ruth Peters, UserReplay CEO comments: “Active Feedback gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire user profile. Viewing both CX analytics and feedback data side by side bridges the gap between what your customer is feeling and what they’re experiencing, allowing teams to quickly reveal the true story behind the digital customer journey.”

At an enterprise level, clients would normally invest in two solutions to gain this extensive feature set, so having two worlds in a single solution brings major advantages from both a financial and insights viewpoint.

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James Wood, CPO at UserReplay also adds: “Uniquely, each customer feedback message is linked to real-time revenue data, adding a new dimension to feedback by giving insight into how much revenue is potentially being lost for each feedback session or segment.”

On its own, Active Feedback is a powerful tool for gathering real-time qual-based data on the on-site experience. When paired with the rest of UserReplay’s features, however, it helps create a new level of actionable, commercial insights into a website’s performance.

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