Ada, the leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX®), today announced Smart Search, a no-code capability that integrates with existing knowledge base content that enables enterprises to launch an automation-first strategy and a unified customer experience (CX) in just days. With Smart Search, brands own the end-to-end self-serve experience within Ada, and can reserve human agents for high-touch interactions to deliver the most seamless brand experience to customers.

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As customers increasingly seek digital channels like social media and web chat to interact with brands, enterprises need to scale these experiences to meet a growing volume of demand. Today, there is no way to exponentially and efficiently scale knowledge with live agents, and businesses have spent a significant amount of time, money, and effort developing web-based content to help customers self-serve, but aren’t making full use of these investments. With Smart Search, Ada seamlessly taps into the existing knowledge base to leverage that information out of the box. Smart Search can predict what customers need to suggest the most relevant articles and automatically serve up answers in their requested language.

“Our mission at Ada is to empower clients to create valuable brand interactions to grow their relationships with customers and impact business results. We help organizations make intelligent use of the content they have already spent so much time and energy creating,” said Mike Murchison, CEO of Ada. “Smart Search will further enable enterprises to quickly transform and scale their digital operating models, meeting customers where they are, no matter the channel, and providing them with all the information they need in one place, leaving no question unanswered.”

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“Ada’s launch of Smart Search is an example of our ML investments toward improved content intelligence. We’re focused on making it easier and more intuitive to automate all types of brand workflows. Content intelligence is central to our platform approach and we see it as a way we can help our clients realize value much faster.”

For customer experience teams, managing multiple sources of information can be time consuming and inefficient. Ada centralizes all content from various CMS sources into a single content repository, which informs a keyword-based search approach to satisfy customer inquiries that do not yet have an existing Ada answer built out. With one click, customer experience teams can integrate CMS systems with Ada’s no-code solution.

Smart Search also enables enterprises to leverage their entire knowledge base anywhere on their site. With Ada’s robust analytics capabilities, enterprises gain intelligent insights into content usage and can bridge the feedback loop gap to inform businesses of better, data-driven answer training and customer experience optimizations. The feature empowers enterprises to own the end-to-end, self-serve customer experience within Ada across all channels, creating a seamless and effortless conversational experience.

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