AdMaster Collaborated with Weibo to Bring Precision in Digital Marketing to New Level

The Collaboration With The Addition Of Weibo’s Consumer Interest And Hobbies Data Enriches Its Understanding Of Consumer Social Behavior

While Chinese consumers are spending more time on digital media, advertisers are also increasing their spending on digital platforms in 2017. However, with the fragmentation of internet platforms as well as the consumer journey, it is the key of marketing success if advertisers have full knowledge of consumer preferences.

AdMaster, the leading marketing data technology company in China, has reached an agreement on data collaboration with Weibo. AdMaster helps marketers to have a comprehensive understanding of target consumers with its advertising measurement technology supported by the massive consumer tagging data from Weibo. It also helps advertisers to reach the right target audience more accurately. Both AdMaster and Weibo work together to bring precision marketing to another level.

AdMaster’s precision marketing solution (People-based Measurement Solution) used to build on the audience data provided by Tencent. This collaboration with the addition of Weibo’s consumer interest and hobbies data enriches its understanding of consumer social behavior. Thanks to Weibo data, AdMaster PMS is now providing comprehensive and dynamic evaluation on the reach performance of digital advertising campaigns. It can create a more granular report on the audience reached by the campaign.

Weibo is one of the largest social media platforms in China. Its massive tags over consumer interest map perfectly well with AdMaster’s data. The result of data integration from both parties provides comprehensive and complete consumer tags and portraits over the audience reached by advertising campaigns. Brand owners are now having more in-depth understanding on the interest and consumption preference of their target audience. The more marketers know about their target audience, the better they can optimize their marketing strategy with improved ROI.

AdMaster is the first company to introduce feed ads measurement on Weibo. And AdMaster also integrated Weibo’s feed ad measurement into its cross-screen measurement and budget allocation system.

With the data partnership, AdMaster will compute the cross-device GRP/Reach for unique audience based on its own algorithm and Weibo’s UID. This allows advertisers to measure accurately the reach and design more relevant communication.

Wang Yajuan, Vice President, Weibo, said, “The challenge of mobile marketing is about reaching the target audience effectively in this fragmented media environment. It is the unique natural advantage of Weibo to be the platform for netizens to gather together to focus on hot topics according to their common interests. Weibo big data provides brand owners the consumer insights on social behavior and tags. This collaboration with AdMaster is the full realization of the commercial values of Weibo’s tags on consumer social behavior data, which is particularly effective on the accurate illustration of the consumer profiles. The advertising campaigns will achieve a more extensive reach and ultimately high ROI through the precision marketing effect brought by Weibo’s advertising solutions and other strategic marketing initiatives.

Vincent Yan
Vincent Yan

Vincent Yan, the founder & CEO, AdMaster, said, “We are very glad to be the data partner of Weibo. It is a high recognition to AdMaster achievement on data technology, our leading position in the advertising measurement industry, and most importantly our independent third-party proposition. In the future, we will continue our belief in technology innovation by working closely with different strategic partners such as Weibo, Tencent, Ali Group and Our goal is to provide the most effective marketing and measurement solutions. We use data technology to measure the quantity and quality of digital ads and maximize the value of digital marketing.

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