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Brierley+Partners’ B-Stamp Technology Leads Sapporo to Win Loyalty360’s Customer Engagement & Experience Platinum Award

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B-Stamp Reinvents Customer Tracking and Engagement with Interactive Digital “Punch Card,” Separates Loyalty from Payment Method

Brierley+Partners, internationally recognized as the industry leader for creating lifetime brand loyalty, announced that its customer, Sapporo Lion, was awarded the Platinum award at Loyalty360’s Customer Loyalty Awards. The star of Sapporo’s winning campaign was Brierley’s B-stamp, which enabled Sapporo to overcome its challenges in customer tracking, while driving engagement with an interactive experience.

“On behalf of the entire Sapporo family, I am very honored to receive the Platinum award for Customer Experience & Engagement for the Sapporo rewards program”

Sapporo and Brierley collaborated to create this unique program for Sapporo at Yebisu Bar, a popular bar managed by Sapporo Lion, with more than 20 locations across Japan. The program focused on rewarding, tracking and engaging groups of customers in a loyalty program—all relevant to each customer, in a personal way.

Prior to launching the B-Stamp program, Sapporo was finding it difficult to develop deep customer loyalty, accurately track patron habits and reward individual customers. Using Brierley’s state-of-the-art electronic B-stamp, alongside Sapporo’s Yebisu Bar mobile app, the brand is able to effectively track and reward patrons on an individual basis. Guests simply open the app to their beer selection, the server uses the B-Stamp to electronically capture their choice and the beer history is added to the customer’s profile history.

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Unlike most restaurant apps, the Yebisu Bar App allowed Sapporo to track individual patrons, regardless of who was paying the bill. With the information garnered from the B-stamp program, Sapporo is able to enrich its relationship with patrons, make menu updates based on customer data and boost brand engagement.

“We are very pleased that the Sapporo customer loyalty program has received this recognition, and we congratulate the entire Sapporo and Brierley teams for developing such a unique and effective program—driving triple digit increases in customer engagement,” said Brierley CMO John Pedini. “This highly innovative and successful program employs Brierley’s B-Stamp technology, which enables true one-to-one customer engagement unlike anything else in market today.”

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“On behalf of the entire Sapporo family, I am very honored to receive the Platinum award for Customer Experience & Engagement for the Sapporo rewards program,” said Sapporo Lion President Yuichiro Miyake. “Thanks to Brierley’s deep loyalty experience and innovative technology, this program allows Sapporo to enrich the customer experience and exceed our customers’ expectations.”

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