Clickatell Launches Customer Care Live Chat Named Touch Go

Clickatell Touch ensures live chat across a company’s website as well as social media platforms

The enterprise version of Clickatell Touch was launched in 2016. Since then, Clickatell has been transforming ubiquitous customer care with the launch of Touch Go. Clickatell Touch brings customer engagement and care into a single business platform.

“Today’s consumers expect to engage with your brand on the digital channel of their choosing. They want to message your business and instantly have queries resolved, find the information and services they are looking for, without the need for a voice call. Clickatell’s Touch makes that happen with the right level of capabilities for businesses of all sizes,” explains Deon van Heerden, Clickatell Engage CEO and Group CFO.

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The free Starter option can help businesses start using Touch Go immediately. Touch Go is fully featured with a simplistic set-up process. Touch Go offers customizable branding, reports, analytics and a unified chat-desk business application.

As the business surges up on its digital customer care, it can also choose the Touch Enterprise offering. Touch Enterprise is designed specifically for customer care efforts which are scaled through for advanced capabilities. These capabilities include AI driven virtual assistants, automated workflows, sentimental analysis, in-channel mini applications and enterprise integrations.

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“Customer care has become a defining factor for sustained business success. In an ever-increasing mobile native world, customers often choose to interact digitally, but they also expect to be able to reach a human immediately, should they need. Monitoring multiple channels and providing immediate action becomes challenging with siloed deployments. Touch’s unified solution allows businesses of all sizes to provide the customer delight in a simple modular approach,” says Nirmal Nair, Clickatell Engage EVP Product & Marketing.

Clickatell is a leader in global mobile messaging, and helps businesses connect to their customers. Clickatell was founded in the year 2000, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with over $12million in funding led by Sequoia Capital and DAG Ventures. Clickatell’s customers include Whatsapp, IBM, Visa, McKinsey and Company.

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