CommerceCX Rearchitects the Buying Experience, Empowering Organizations to Connect Technology and Data to Deliver Frictionless Customer Experiences

Company Opens New Offices in Europe and India to Provide Organizations Worldwide with the Capabilities to Reshape Their Commerce Ecosystem

As organizations look to harness the power of a digital transformation, they frequently turn to innovative technologies to help deliver a unified customer experience. IDC predicted that in 2018, as organizations seek to make their operations more effective and responsive, the majority of digital transformation spending would go towards technologies that support new or expanded operating models. However, investing in these technologies is not enough to successfully pull off a digital transformation. Without proper guidance, the implementation of these tools becomes fragmented resulting in incomplete solutions that hinder the customer experience as opposed to helping organizations improve on it.

Founded by industry veterans, Rob Maille and Vinay Toomu, CommerceCX addresses the complex challenges associated with digital transformation by providing organizations with the right set of methodologies, technologies and tools to turn their end-to-end solutions into a powerful commerce ecosystem. Unlike other organizations that may be limited to a specific set of technologies, CommerceCX partners directly with leadership and technology teams to build the right solution for their business goals with the technologies they already have. As a result, organizations can deliver faster, and higher quality, results for their customers.

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“By understanding the end-to-end user journey along with an organization’s business goals, digital transformation is more focused and can be more easily achieved. We founded CommerceCX with the guiding principal of helping organizations develop digital ecosystems that can unleash new solutions,” said Rob Maille, Head of Customer Experience and Strategy at CommerceCX. “In today’s digital world, things move quickly. At CommerceCX, we partner with our customers to navigate their digital transformation journey and reshape their commerce ecosystem to ultimately improve customer experience.”

CommerceCX provides organizations with the solutions and services to successfully implement and integrate quote-to-cash (QTC) technologies, blockchain, customer relationship management (CRM) and cognitive technologies that support and enable frictionless, digital user experiences. For organizations who are looking to leverage QTC technologies, CommerceCX offers guidance throughout the whole process. From helping organizations identify the right configuration to implementing a CPQ solution with Deal Management capabilities, CommerceCX ensures the technology is running effectively and efficiently allowing businesses to run on their own terms.

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Recognizing that organizations around the world struggle with successfully harnessing digital transformation initiatives, CommerceCX recently opened two new offices in Europe and India. Employees from a variety of business groups, including architects, developers and consultants, are based out of the new offices. The Amsterdam office supports organizations throughout the European Union (EU) who are at the beginning of their digital transformation journey. In the EU, CommerceCX works closely with customers, examining their markets, where they are now and where they want to be, ultimately providing them with access to innovative solutions that may be outside of their purview. The Hyderabad office serves as the foundation to CommerceCX’s data factory, providing 24-hour coverage for clients and resulting in faster time to market.

“Prior to launching CommerceCX, Rob and I worked extensively in consulting, guiding organizations through various technological transformations that have shaped how businesses run today. Our experiences allow us to tackle digital transformation challenges from both a leadership level and a technological level,” said Vinay Toomu, CEO at CommerceCX. “With our new office openings, we can now serve as a trusted advisor for organizations worldwide. By providing customers with the best of breed innovations coming out of US, Europe and India, we are helping more organizations complete their customer journey.”

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