Course5 Intelligence Launches Digital Experience Center to Accelerate Innovation and Envision Business Transformation

Course5 Intelligence has launched their state-of-the-art Digital Experience Center (DEC) at its Redmond, Washington(USA) and Airoli, Maharashtra (India) to enable their global clients to experience digital transformation, accelerate innovation, and envision the future of their business.

The Experience Center enables Course5 clients to experiment with and visualize new ideas, solutions, and applications of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Insights to meet their business needs on driving digital transformation charters. The Center itself is a revolutionary digital capacity that can be set up anywhere in the world to give clients an immediate meaningful experience of Course5’s existing solutions, latest advancements, and innovations.

The DEC enables dynamic analysis and rapid prototyping of solutions through application of advanced analytics and AI technologies to 360 degree business and customer data. It allows clients to mock deploy Course5’s solutions within simulated environments most closely related to their organizational models, technology infrastructure and customer engagement patterns, and thereby assess the distinct business value from digital transformation initiatives.

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Course5’s Digital Experience Center allows clients to explore AI and Analytics driven business outcomes in –

  • Marketing Effectiveness – through fully connected Customer Intelligence, Market and Competitor Intelligence, Integrated Marketing Measurement, and more
  • Digital Analytics – through Digital Engineering, Social Media Sensing, Conversion Rate Optimization, and others
  • AI-Powered Data Science – through Big Data Engineering, Machine Intelligence, Natural Language Programming, and other forms of Artificial Intelligence
  • Market Research Transformation – through AI-driven Research Operations, Turbo Insights, and others

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The DEC also enables clients to hands-on evaluate Course5’s AI-based Digital and Research product suites with latest innovation and updates to the suites.

Ashwin Mittal, CEO of Course5 Intelligence commented: “The Digital Experience Center is a critical part of how business is done, where executives need to be able to see and interact with content in a dynamic environment. It’s a place for businesses to imagine their digital future and visualize a very concrete roadmap to get there. It’s a symbol of our fierce commitment to enabling our clients to meet their business goals.”

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