Famous Launches New Feature for All Businesses to Create Better Landing Pages

Famous Pro now enables all design, marketing, and other business professionals to easily create personalized shopping experiences on their own domains

Famous, the ecommerce design company helping anyone easily market and sell online, today announced a new feature for Famous Pro, a no-code design platform enabling businesses to build tailored online shopping experiences that educate customers about the products they want to see most. Users can now publish pages and shopping experiences created with Famous Pro to their own domains, allowing for a better, more cohesive customer experience.

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Famous Pro provides businesses with a variety of premium designs and animations to quickly optimize and personalize their shopping experiences – ensuring customers can see the most relevant product information. The platform can complement a business’ current toolkit to enhance product education and bring branding and marketing campaigns to life, beyond what is currently offered.

“The many channels and overwhelming amount of content consumers have available as they shop have led to increasingly quick impulse purchase decisions – and with that we’re seeing increased product returns,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Famous. “To avoid purchase regret, loss of trust among customers, and increased churn, businesses need to better and more quickly educate shoppers about relevant products and ensure that information is seamlessly integrated into the shopping journey. We designed Pro to help businesses optimize the product education experience and be more transparent about their offerings to foster customer trust and loyalty.”

Professionals can join the Famous community today – via email, Slack, or social media – to share feedback and help evolve Famous’ products, create and contribute their own designs, and gain exclusive access to special offers.

Famous is a no-code mobile ecommerce design platform that enables merchants, creatives, and business owners to captivate their customers through beautiful, engaging, and immersive designs, leading to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and increased customer loyalty. Famous makes it easy to create and customize, with little to no technical expertise required.

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