FlashParking Announces Expansion of Mobility Ecosystem

FlashParking, the pioneer in mobility hub technology, has announced the expansion of its ecosystem with key mobility services that optimize parking asset usage and improve the user experience. 

By teaming with Bird, the leader in shared electric scooters, and EVBox, a global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations, FlashParking is enabling parking facility asset owners and operators to better adapt to the rapidly changing mobility environment, tap into additional revenue streams, and reach new customers through differentiated services.

Earlier this year, perceiving the explosion of electric vehicles, scooters, delivery vans, amongst others, FlashParking also launched FlashOS, a one-of-a-kind mobility hub operating system that powers the transformation of parking assets into connected mobility hubs where parking, mobility, logistics, and transportation intersect. 

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A special third-party parking integration ecosystem that now encompasses mobility services with Bird and EVBox is a major component of FlashOS. It is powered by open-API architecture and enables asset owners and operators to operate in future-proof parking, increases the efficiency of existing infrastructure, and generate new business models and revenue flows.

“With our industry-leading technology and ecosystem of unique partnerships FlashParking is turning parking garages and surface lots into connected mobility hubs for all types of passengers and vehicles,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO of FlashParking. “Parking garages and lots will no longer only be used for parking cars. They will have charging stations for electric cars and scooters, car cleaning services, valet parking, delivery docks, and launching and landing pads for drones. FlashParking is demolishing the status quo and delivering technology that empowers asset owners and operators to create and manage mobility hubs that stay in lock-step with evolving consumer habits and mobility technology; the partnerships with Bird and EVBox are just the beginning.”

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Asset owners and operators are able to monitor their connected ecosystem from a single platform with the mobility infrastructure in place. In the end, mobility hubs are not only having a real effect on congestion and pollution but are also offering smart city tables to asset owners and operators. 

This announcement followed the recent launch of touchless parking with Flashmotion hardware and over-the-air software updates for SAFEvalet, adding to the suite of technology solutions within FlashOS. 

Electric vehicles and autonomous driving technology are disrupting a variety of business sectors. TATA Elixsi, Volkswagen, and Tesla have already autonomous vehicles that can park themselves. In logistics, Amazon, Google, and Ford & Domino’s are testing delivery drones, trucks, and pizza delivery systems respectively. Furthermore, Ev’s charging infrastructure continues to expand. Last year, there were about 7.3 million chargers worldwide, of which, 6,5 million were private.

The future of the EV industry seems the most exciting and relevant today. Even many countries such as the UK, Norway, France, and Germany have brought legislation banning the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2025.

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