Fonative’s Contact Center Customers Now STIR/SHAKEN-Compliant

Fonative, the Compliant Communications company, is now digitally signing calls placed on the Fonative CPaaS platform, assuring that its contact and call center customers’ outbound calls are compliant with the FCC anti-robocall requirements. The call signing process, known in the telecom industry as STIR/SHAKEN, requires that telecom providers be able to attest that the calling party is who they claim to be, and that an approved robocalling mitigation process is in place.

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Fonative is signing calls placed to the PSTN from call and contact center agents using desk phones, softphones, and Fonative’s WebRTC-based Secure Agent Communicator™. For Fonative’s customers, this means that the receiving party’s service provider should not block the calls from reaching the intended party.

“The technical, administrative, and procedural steps required to be able to authenticate calls are not simple,” said Steve Smith, Founder and CEO of Fonative. “We’ve made this new process seamless to the call and contact centers we work with, which results in those customers making over one million compliant calls a day that are each regulatory ready well before the June 30th deadline imposed by the FCC.”

As a compliant carrier, Fonative has filed its robocall mitigation plan with the FCC, so when placing outbound calls its customers can use Fonative-provided phone numbers or provide letters of authorization for phone numbers that they have from other carriers.

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The Fonative API also provides verification status on inbound calls, so enterprise call centers can detect when their agents are being phished, to prevent fraud. As part of its efforts to assure over 100 call center customers of their ability to meet the FCC’s regulations, Fonative joined the Industry Traceback Group to signify the company’s commitment to tracking and eradicating illegal robocalls.

Compliance with STIR/SHAKEN is the latest initiative in Fonative’s roadmap, which also includes the implementation of Numeracle’s Trusted Entity Calling and adoption of The Campaign Registry messaging environment for validating 10 DLC SMS texting earlier this year.