Gatsby Raises $28 Million in Series B Funding to Become the Way the Web is Built

Eyeing Gatsby’s network effect growth that includes adding customers like Capital One, DraftKings and Impossible Foods—Index Ventures leads new investment round

Gatsby, the modern way to build the web, is announcing a $28 million Series B round of funding led by Index Ventures with repeat investments from CRV and Trinity Ventures. Index Ventures Partner Shardul Shah, who has led investments in popular cloud infrastructure and enterprise startups like DataDog, Nginx (acquired by F5) and Duo Security (acquired by Cisco), joins Gatsby’s board of directors.

“Gatsby has one of the strongest ecosystems and communities behind it and has become a clear winner with its capabilities and offerings”

As consumer experiences have migrated online in recent years, a brand’s survival depends on having a distinct presence on the web. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools have become widely adopted for optimizing parts of a website, such as search, analytics, payments and personalization, but integrating them with existing web frameworks has been costly and cumbersome. With mobile usage surpassing 50 percent of internet traffic, high performance is a must-have for success of online businesses — one that the current paradigm all too often fails to deliver.

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Gatsby is an open source web development framework granting an endlessly customizable and extensible way to build websites and web apps — with built-in optimizations that simply guarantee today’s modern website table stakes of performance, security, and scalability. Gatsby’s modular architecture, based on popular open source technologies Javascript, React, and GraphQL, means users can seamlessly stitch together best-fit tools and services to create a powerful site serving nearly any use case. The framework offers over 2,000 plugins, many contributed by Gatsby’s passionate open source community of over 3,300 contributors, for getting sites up and running quickly and easily with the latest web technologies.

Businesses using Gatsby see increased conversion rates, because Gatsby-built sites are search engine optimized and load up to 10x faster than traditional database-backed sites. Because Gatsby sites are pre-rendered and deployed as static pages to a global CDN (content delivery network), they’re inherently scalable whenever traffic spikes. They also cost far less — often thousands of dollars less — than a high traffic website running on traditional database-backed technologies. Gatsby’s open source platform integrates with WordPress, Drupal, and hundreds of additional CMSs, making it easy to integrate and leverage the tools frontend developers prefer while making sure creators and editors get to use their own preferred content solutions.

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The fastest growing developer platform for building websites, Gatsby is becoming the gold standard for website development with adoption among Fortune 500 companies and businesses of all sizes, including ButcherBox, Capital One, DraftKings, IBM, Impossible Foods and more. Little Caesars, the third largest pizza delivery chain in the world, chose Gatsby to make sure hungry customers enjoy a fast and efficient ordering experience whether in the US, Asia, or the Middle East. Supported by a developer community that’s growing over 10 percent month-over-month, with over 200,000 sites on GitHub using the framework, Gatsby is the most popular emerging tech skill professionals are interested in learning.

Launched in 2019, Gatsby’s commercial product Gatsby Cloud provides a suite of tools for building and maintaining websites and web apps built with Gatsby. The purpose-built product adds simple collaboration features for developers and content creators to work in harmony while delivering the fastest possible Gatsby builds and deploys for the most demanding use cases. In the past month Gatsby Cloud has doubled its customer base, in part due to strong demand for Incremental Builds, which was released at the end of April. This new technology, available in Gatsby Cloud, allows developers to deploy websites in less than ten seconds when data changes occur.

“The rapid growth of the Gatsby developer community confirms our vision is widely shared and that, collectively, we are blazing the way for building a better, faster, more inclusive web,” said Kyle Mathews, CEO and co-founder of Gatsby. “This funding will help us expand our product capabilities so we can become the way to build the web for everyone. We can’t wait until everything from personal portfolios to the largest sites on the web are powered by Gatsby.”

“Web presence and performance has never been more critical to a brand’s success, yet website technology has been stuck in the 2000s era without an easy path to modernization. Gatsby solves this problem with a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that productizes modern tooling and brings together all the best ways to build the web,” said Shardul Shah, partner at Index Ventures. “Gatsby’s rapid traction with large brands and the developer community in recent years is a testament to the team’s execution of this vision.”

“Gatsby has one of the strongest ecosystems and communities behind it and has become a clear winner with its capabilities and offerings,” said Jeff Gnatek, Head of Engineering at ButcherBox, the company delivering high quality, humanely raised beef, pork, chicken and seafood via an online membership portal. “At ButcherBox we really prioritize the customer experience, so page speed performance is a key metric for us in delivering an unparalleled shopping experience. Using Gatsby has allowed us to increase our page performance by 5-10x — an exponential improvement not only for our customers, but for our team too. In fact, our use of Gatsby has been a real selling point for attracting and recruiting front-end engineers.”

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