Gaugr and Strategic Vision Sign Partnership to Power Technology With Psychology, Optimizing How CX Is Gauged

Strategic Vision, global leaders in understanding human behavior and decision-making across a spectrum of categories, has partnered with Gaugr, developers of an engaging and easy-to-use feedback platform. This partnership enables Strategic Vision to infuse the Gauge with globally-tested metrics proven to capture the customer’s emotional response to an experience, accurately predicting future behavior and maximizing customer commitment, advocacy, and loyalty.

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Strategic Vision has invested in Gaugr to develop its enhanced customer experience platform, incorporating Strategic Vision’s ValueCentered Psychology into Gaugr’s simple, visually engaging UI that quickly captures critical measures of the success (or failure) of a customer’s experience. Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards will join Gaugr’s board of directors while Strategic Vision will take a minority interest in the Gaugr company as a sign of the dedication both organizations have to this effort.

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Strategic Vision Senior Vice President, Chris Chaney said, “The Gaugr tool combined with Strategic Vision’s proven ValueCentered psychology is a sexy, game-changing, opportunity to rock the research world.” Gaugr CEO Anthony Jones notes that this combination “is the disruptive solution that the consumer analytics market has been waiting for. Instead of a few ‘nice to know’ bits of information, we can help organizations strategically Gauge everything!”