Maru launch Emotion in CX Solution Connecting the Role of the Emotional Relationship in Customer Decision Making

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Maru Group (‘Maru’) the global CX and Insights Software & Advisory Services company, has announced the launch of Emotion in CX, an innovative, holistic Feel, Behave, and Think philosophy approach that allows you to accurately capture customer emotion.

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Powered by HUB, Maru’s proprietary software, Emotion in CX solution enables businesses to continuously improve the Customer Experience by diagnosing the emotional relationship. HUB utilizes a proprietary visual semiotics technique to passively collect the emotions evoked at any touchpoint in the customer experience journey to identify what we call, the Emotional Signature (ES). By comparing the ES profile differences between those that have a great experience vs those that have an average or poor experience or the current ES to the ideal experience or to the ES of best-in-class competitors, you uncover insight and learning that you simply do not get in traditional System 2 CX approaches.

Ged Parton, CEO of Maru, explains, “Behavioral Science has established that most of our decisions are driven by how we Feel. While the customer interaction is objective, the actual perception of the experience exists as feelings and emotions. If you only ask what people think, you are missing part of the picture of what drives future customer behavior and loyalty.”

“For this reason, to continuously improve Customer Experience, you must be able to diagnose the emotional relationship. To do this, you must discern how customers Feel, Think, and Behave. This will allow you to holistically understand customers, by revealing all aspects of their reaction and response to an experience. Adding the ‘Feel’ elements to what customers say they ‘Think’ unlocks new insight on how to drive best-in-class experiences that influence future loyalty,” Parton added.

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Maru’s Emotion in CX solution is designed to enable brand leaders to create and maintain a competitive advantage in their industry. Steve Brockway, Chief Research Officer, Maru/Matchbox UK at Maru explains “our research reveals previously hidden insights around the feelings and emotions that drive promoter experiences which people either can’t or won’t say in traditional questions, revealing new areas of improvement beyond rational product, price, and range attributes.

“The outputs are described in rich emotional terms, along with supporting verbatim, which is a more human and intuitive way of guiding how to interact with customers and deliver or communicate service propositions,” Brockway added.

Maru’s Emotion in CX approach still captures all of the System 2 Think metrics that you are used to in a CX program—NPS, overall SAT and attitudes and perceptions around all aspects of the customer experience. But, they add advisory value to your metrics and have proprietary IP on which metrics matter most and when to ask them.

The answer is not to have a one size fits all approach. Maru will ensure you focus on the right metric so teams are engaged in a score they can meaningfully influence through their individual behaviors.

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