Incognia Now Available on Auth0 Marketplace

Mobile identity company, Incognia, announced the availability of its Anti-Fraud Mobile SDK and APIs with two new integrations, Incognia Onboarding and Incognia Authentication, on the Auth0 Marketplace, a catalog of trusted technology integrations that extend the functionality of Auth0’s identity management platform. With rising rates of mobile fraud, Incognia provides advanced device intelligence and location behavior signals for enhanced identity verification and authentication for fintech and mcommerce mobile apps.

Incognia’s proprietary location technology works silently in the background to protect mobile users. Using network signals from GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth along with on-device signals, Incognia builds an anonymous location behavioral pattern, unique for each user, which provides a private identity that is dynamic and extremely difficult for fraudsters to mimic or fake.

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As mobile usage is on the rise, Incognia enables fintech and mcommerce mobile apps to provide frictionless identity verification and authentication for seamless recognition of trusted users and fraud prevention. The Incognia Anti-Fraud Mobile SDK complements Auth0 Extensible Identity, and the ease in which customers can seamlessly integrate adjacent technologies to facilitate the successful execution of larger projects such as digital transformation, threat detection, compliance and customer conversion.

Key features of the Incognia Anti-Fraud Mobile SDK and APIs are real-time address verification, recognition of trusted locations and risk-based authentication based on device intelligence and location behavior.

Incognia offers two solution integrations on the Auth0 Marketplace:

  • Incognia Onboarding: Streamlining mobile identity proofing using address verification
  • Incognia Authentication: Reducing friction at login using location behavioral biometrics

These integrations enable faster onboarding, reduce false positives, prevent account takeovers and increase payment acceptance rates on mobile. Incognia is enabled via an SDK and APIs that integrate rapidly on both Android and iOS devices. Data collected by the SDK is anonymized with hash and encryption techniques.

“With the rapid shift to mobile, Incognia offers banks, fintech and mcommerce companies the ability to recognize trusted users and detect fraud using location, one of the strongest trust signals available on mobile,” said André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia. “We’re proud to be working with Auth0 as a best-in-class technology solution offered in their marketplace. As mobile fraud continues to rise, we’re enabling a superior mobile experience for users by providing a frictionless solution for address verification and risk-based authentication, all while ensuring user privacy.”

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Shailin Dhar, CEO and Founder at Method Media Intelligence

“It has been really exciting to work with Incognia on a newly-built partner integration for the launch of Auth0 Marketplace. This best-in-class solution adds an integral layer to our platform that provides our customers with greater choice and flexibility,” said Bill Lapcevic, VP of Business Development at Auth0. “After speaking with many customers, we have identified the types of integrations that matter to them, and we are so thrilled to have Incognia as a vetted and valuable vendor in the Auth0 Marketplace.”

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