Quality Assurance Is Now A Business Priority Announced XDBS

Quality assurance (QA) is now a business priority to help deliver trusted, consistent, and high-quality services, announced XDBS Corporation, India’s top lead generation company. QA has continually evolved from an independent activity to a fully integrated function in organizations. Expectations from QA have been growing, especially with an upward trend across different strategic objectives, including QA’s requirement to support overall business growth, said Mr. Kartik Anand, CEO, and Chairman, XDBS. 

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There has been steady and promising progress with Agile and DevOps’ adoption for QA, but a few challenges persist. The lack of resources with sufficient specialist skills and experience within test automation was highlighted in the past. Still, with automation tools in place, XDBS feels they’ve got a return on investment. The QA implementation has helped the company monitor different communication channels and specific metrics for each channel to evaluate a QA process effectively.

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With a fast-changing landscape, demand for lead generation providing high quality and relevant information is critical. An efficient QA will help understand what business challenges companies are solving. Being diligent with follow-ups while delivering the best experience for your target audience is an effective QA process, believes Mr. Kartik Anand, CEO & Chairman, XDBS.

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