SandSIV Announces Release Of Enterprise Customer Experience App For Salesforce

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New Salesforce app launched by European Customer Experience Management (CXM) pioneer SandSIV to improve the customer experience through deeper, more holistic insight, and provide greater staff motivation and engagement

SandSIV, the European leader of integrated Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of the Customer (VOC) enterprise solutions, today announced the release of ECX for Salesforce, a powerful Customer Experience Management app which integrates SandSIV’s CX functionality into Salesforce’s operational environment.

SandSIV provides a superior CX platform “VOC Hub™” which allows organizations to manage the end-to-end customer experience across multiple departments and lines of business. It enables marketers to connect disparate customer experiences into a consistent, seamless and personalized customer journey.

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform provides companies with an interface for a case and task management, and a system for automatically routing and escalating important events.

While CRM is used for managing an organization’s interaction with its customers, CXM encourages a business to consider the perspective of the customer. The integration of CRM and CXM is fast becoming essential to keeping up with customer expectations and creates vital efficiencies for businesses and their frontline staff alike.

The new app from SandSIV hides all of the technological complexity and offers a highly visual environment for business people to adopt a cross-departmental approach to feedback management – helping them to become more efficient in how they act on insights and the way they collect, analyze and share customer feedback.

Key app features include —

  • real-time close-the-loop, directly via Salesforce’s user interface – avoiding different user interfaces and hence enabling faster adoption and greater productivity.
  • enriching existing CRM data with valuable customer insights derived from Omni-channel feedback – embracing a 360° view of the customer.
  • creating more customer strategies and improving processes and customer retention rates, and generating greater revenue.

Every company’s ecosystem is unique. Different people, interactions, processes, and technologies must be well understood and interconnected for customer experience excellence to thrive.

“Integrating your CX platform into your organization’s ecosystem will help you automate the routing of customer insights to the right people and effectively manage customer journeys. This helps enhance the overall experience, drives revenue growth, increases customer satisfaction and lowers cost to serve,” says Federico Cesconi, CEO of SandSIV. “It should, therefore, be a crucial consideration for any business to stay competitive,” Federico adds.

SandSIV is a global leader in integrated, comprehensive VOC and CXM enterprise software solutions. It offers agile and proven technologies to enable leading companies actively analyze and manage the end-to-end CX and act in real-time on customer insights.

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