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SiteOne Services Selects Izenda to Provide Home Builders with Business Intelligence to Help their Organization Thrive

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Full System Integration Between SiteOne and Izenda Platforms Provide Real-Time Dashboards and Reports to Identify Trends, Optimize Performance and Reduce Costs

SiteOne Services, a customer service and work order management platform for builders, now delivers advanced business intelligence and actionable reports to customers using their platform. SiteOne will be demonstrating the new reporting features of their platform at the NAHB International Builders Show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth #SU1325, January 21-23.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools provide access and insight into an organization’s available data through visual dashboards and reports for the purpose of improving decision-making. For Izenda, BI tools should also be easy and intuitive, empowering both simple and power users to derive actionable insights from their data through robust self-service reporting. The integration of Izenda’s application-based intelligence tool allows critical data points gathered by SiteOne to be extracted and analyzed to create real-time dashboards and reports such as aging, total open work requests, total closed work requests, cost per lot, cost per project, cost per market, cost per region, and cost company-wide. Reports can also identify common, costly occurrences that can be corrected in future construction.

Leader in Warranty Management Leverages Leader in Business Intelligence

“The beauty of BI is that with each insight you uncover, a new question is formed – eventually leading to a critical insight into your business that will improve operations, guide strategy, and more. For SiteOne, identifying those next-level insights will be much more accessible with Izenda,” said Jaimi Panini, vice president of product at Izenda. “For example, while reviewing costs per lot, you notice that warranty expenses in some lots are higher than others. Another report shows that the issues are all related to painting. That would then drive you to cross-reference which painter worked on those lots and discover there is an issue with a specific subcontractor you are using.”

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According to research by BuildZoom, after falling or remaining flat for three decades, construction costs have increased sharply since the mid-2000s, to a tune of 23.6 percent. The rise was driven by both material and labor costs.

“Every opportunity a builder has to reduce expenses contributes greatly to their overall success,” said Mike Giosso, president and founder of SiteOne Services. “BI helps builders implement effective strategies by intelligently analyzing data that already exists to help make better decisions in the future. Our customer Edenbridge Homes is a great example of data-driven decision making. Most builders reserve one to two percent of their budget to cover future warranty expenses. However, through careful analysis of their weekly reports and methodical time management, Edenbridge Homes’ warranty costs over the last three years have averaged well below one percent, and they now project up to a 35% annual savings.”

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SiteOne is a seamlessly easy, 100% paperless platform for builders and developers that provides a better, more effortless way to facilitate requests, automate processes, resolve concerns, and share critical information with homeowners. The company was founded 20 years ago on a disruptive idea: To provide seamlessly easy tools to facilitate and automate the extremely fragmented service process for home builders and developers. Two decades later, they are delivering on that idea. Large, medium and small real estate developers trust SiteOne as their partner in providing a customer experience second to none.

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