SquaredV Announces The Launch Of Its PaaS (People-as-a-Service) And AI-supported Lead Generation Services

SquaredV is a lead generation company created with the aim of helping any company to grow its business.

SquaredV is a lead generation company created with the aim of helping companies to grow their business. With its primary goal being the implementation of SquaredV’s unique outsourced B2B lead generation program associated with the search for customers and the generation of prospects.

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Building a sales and marketing pipeline is a strategic scientific approach. SquaredV uses cutting-edge tools, notably platforms based on artificial intelligence, which enable it to optimize the coverage of its network and the sales process.

“Starting SquaredV was a real challenge for me, as my area of expertise has always been the IT sector. I hired an ambitious young woman, Vladislava Kadija, CEO, who bravely resigned from BlackRock during the health crisis to bring SquaredV to life. Together, combining traditional lead generation and advancements in AI, we want to make it easier for companies to achieve their goals, by giving them the opportunity to reach the right audiences and optimize their marketing and sales processes. Accomplishing such a mission requires synergy in planning and executing from the top down. As Confucius said “A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.” By creating a suitable strategy and executing it to perfection, we know we can grow any business we work with.” says Tomislav HRISOHO, Chairman of SquaredV.

Normally, consumers begin research online for particular products or services, then they begin looking into online search engines, calls to action, actual contact methods, and offline advertising methods to research their options. Using its different unique methods, SquaredV collects information from these consumers and then compiles it for potential or existing customers.

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Companies may wish to be more efficient when it comes to collecting consumer information and they opt for this data collection method because it is quicker, quicker leads sell. Companies that choose to purchase leads, data, also recognize that a lot of it is not the real deal and the human side to their business has to be taken into account when conducting business online. This is why SquaredV practices our proven PaaS (People-as-a-Service). In that way, lead generation is not only a valuable tool but it is a value-added proposition.

Outsourced lead generation has been a growing trend since 1989. Over the last three decades, it has become an integral part of business management worldwide. The main reason for outsourcing lead generation (59%) is the desire to save money and reduce costs, according to Deloitte.

SquaredV is perfectly positioned to facilitate this rise in outsourced lead generation and help brands deliver relevant content to their audiences, in turn generating more demand and sales.

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