Streaming engagement innovator GNB and e-sports pioneer NextPlayerON to collaborate.

GNB and NextPlayerON to develop gamer engagement and a new e-sports experience.

GNB, makers of the Ready2Engage™ technology for consumer and fan engagement, and NextPlayerON, makers of the next level gaming e-sports platform, have entered into an agreement to enhance e-sports with gamer engagement and new e-sport development.

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“Gamers want recognition and real competition: at NextPlayerON we focus on offering an e-sports platform that gives all gamers a voice and the ability to experience the benefits of e-sports on a level playing field” said Tobi Lufadeju, COO and Managing Partner of NextPlayerON.  “Our deal with GNB helps us evolve the typical e-sports concept beyond leaderboards and into gamer stories and meaningful social interactions.” He added “GNB’s technology for real-time fan engagement is disruptive in the content space. We are also very excited to work with GNB on taking GNB’s Rezi™ avatar for self-expression and building a new e-sports experience for gamers wanting something fresh and competitive.”

“NPO offers a premier gaming experience where gamers can be challenged in the most entertaining ways. We are really excited to work with NPO to evolve the gamer experience with a higher level of engagement,” said Rhonda Persidis, GNB’s co-Founder. “We also look forward to building our successful self-expression digital avatar, Rezi™, into new types of gamer interactions on NPO’s platform, where 1:1 avatar contests are a super exciting frontier in the gaming world”, Persidis concluded.

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