SurveyGizmo Announces Corporate Name Change to Alchemer to Reflect Focus on Creating Customer-Centric Organizations

Alchemer transforms customer feedback into actionable gold

SurveyGizmo – a global leader in customer experience (CX) and voice-of-the-customer (VOC) technology – announced that it has changed its company name to Alchemer. The new name change better reflects the company’s mission in helping businesses transform into customer-centric organizations.

“SurveyGizmo served us well. It was fun and whimsical. It communicated clearly that we provide survey software and that our software is approachable and easy to use,” said David Roberts, CEO of Alchemer. “Today, our customers count on us for mission-critical insights and business operations, and our new name sends that message to the market.”

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One of the foremost industry analysts agrees. “Given the changing nature of the market and SurveyGizmo’s position in it, it is appropriate to change their name,” said Alan Webber, IDC Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions. “The name Alchemer is a better reflection of how they help organizations engage with their customers and act on what their customers tell them, taking what is traditionally treated as basic feedback and, like the alchemist of old, turning it into operational gold.”

Customers are also supportive of the change. “The Alchemer platform is staggeringly brilliant,” said John Pimm, Head of IT for IRC. “We’ve used it for more than 5 years to manage one of the world’s largest automotive satisfaction research projects with more than 500,000 interviews per year. It is mission critical to our business. Renaming the company to acknowledge that value makes sense to me as the platform is the best out there.” Other customers are also treating their customer feedback as gold.

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Sonos, the world’s leading sound experience company, sources customer feedback via Alchemer to inform new product experiences for customers as part of their beta community. The information offers reliable, actionable feedback as Sonos delivers new products to customers.

The Alchemer platform provides survey, workflow, audience, communication, and analysis tools to allow any size organization to collect, integrate, and act on the voice of their customer. Alchemer also delivers industry-first solutions, such as Activated NPS and Sales Motion Optimizer, that further personalize the engagement businesses have with their customers to drive actionable feedback.

“Our customers rely on us to ensure their customers are heard and responded to, whether it’s for product development, sales engagement, or customer and employee retention,” said David. “In short, whether you want to run a simple survey or change the world, Alchemer is the right partner on your customer-centered journey.”

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