Virgin Pulse Delivers Vaccination Management Solutions to Help Organizations Address and Adhere to New COVID-19 Mandates

In response to the Biden Administration’s recent COVID-19 Action Plan rules and international vaccine regulations and mandates, Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of tech-enabled health, wellbeing and safety solutions, announced that it has released new Vaccination Management and Mandate Compliance solutions to help organizations around the world meet evolving mandates and timelines and ensure the ongoing health and wellbeing of their workforce. Available October 4 as part of Virgin Pulse’s VP Passport™ workplace suite, these new capabilities provide real-time reporting, vaccination and testing status, symptom monitoring and next steps guidance so organizations can effectively navigate the ever-changing path of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the past 17 years, thousands of organizations around the world have trusted Virgin Pulse to protect and ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of their workforces today and in the future,” said Chris Michalak, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “This is a responsibility we are proud to embrace and one that requires us to deliver on our clients’ current requirements while anticipating their future needs which, as we have seen over the past 18 months, are not always linear or predictable. We launched VP Passport in less than 30 days to support organizations in ensuring a safe return to the workplace for their employees. Today, we have the opportunity to direct our expertise and innovation to help organizations clear yet another hurdle as they navigate the challenges of this pandemic.”

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Given the fluid nature of these mandates, employers need a solution that meets today’s requirements and is future-proofed for the resurgence of COVID-19 cases. VP Passport equips employers with real-time visibility to vaccination and testing trends and access to intelligence necessary to make informed decisions about the health and safety of their workers in response to their current population health situation.

With VP Passport, employees can now answer a short survey related to vaccination and recent COVID-19 viral tests. These are securely stored within the Virgin Pulse platform where an uploaded digital copy of their vaccination record card is easily accessible for display. Upon request, an employee can display a badge reflecting their vaccination and/or testing status.

To help organizations adhere to the latest vaccination requirements and timelines and alleviate the increased organizational burden these mandates introduce, Virgin Pulse’s Vaccination Management and Mandate Compliance solutions provide:

  • Real-Time Visibility 
    A comprehensive dashboard with employee vaccination and testing status enables employers to manage risk and adhere to mandates at scale – whether they have 100 or 100,000 employees. A real-time view with a broad set of filters streamlines staying on top of complex and ever-changing policies. Employers can leverage the data to inform their path to compliance.
  • Digital Vaccination Card 
    Employees can self-report and securely store and digitally carry their vaccination card in their Virgin Pulse app for easy verification of vaccination status – at work or elsewhere. Employers can view the vaccination card in their dashboard for digital verification.
  • At-Home Testing Kits
    Employers can make at home testing kits available for their population through Virgin Pulse to address those that need to test prior to coming to the workplace.
  • Next-Step Communication
    Based on employee vaccination or testing status, employers can configure their specific guidance and next steps into the application to ensure effective communication and awareness of policies.

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