WalkMe Ensures Business Continuity by Empowering Employees and Customers With Digital Adoption

WalkMe, the leading digital adoption platform and one of the fastest growing software companies globally, is guaranteeing business continuity in a time when business leaders are relying more than ever on their technology investments to maintain business as usual. By touching upon all aspects of the organization, WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) provides management the visibility to be in control and informed, and employees and customers the tools they need to be engaged and efficient.

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WalkMe enables its customers to continue to operate normally in times of crisis, whether that is supporting unexpected disruption like moving to an indefinite remote workforce (#WFH) or remote learning (#LFH), as well as facilitating long-term digital transformation initiatives, such as rolling out a new platform without having to rely on in-person training. With WalkMe Workstation, for example, organizations can consistently engage employees with the tools and support they need to do their job – anytime, anywhere.

“In the future, when an organization will think about its business continuity plan, the human impact will be a focal point,” said Dan Adika, CEO and Co-Founder of WalkMe. “WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform provides customers and employees in times of disruption the additional communication, accessibility, and self-sufficiency that they require to maintain business as usual.”

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WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform enables organizations to continue to operate normally in times of crisis by:

  • Keeping employees engaged, informed and productive: People are an organization’s most critical asset and in times of uncertainty, employee wellness is key. Instead of important announcements getting lost in a sea of information, WalkMe surfaces the information employees need to remain informed, engaged, and to get the job done. With an in-depth view into software usage across business processes and applications, organizations can proactively transform the employee experience to adapt to ongoing change.
  • Ensuring customer continuity and simplifying self-service support: WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform specializes in customer continuity, providing both the tools and insights to enable organizations to serve customers, deliver value, maintain revenue, and empower remote workforces. In disruptive environments, self-service support is a win-win. A Digital Adoption Platform can reduce call volume by giving customers contextual support on the spot, in lieu of phone calls.
  • Realizing the full value of digital assets and lead transformation, anywhere: Software investments are critical to ensuring business as usual and pose an even greater opportunity during times of disruption. Whether in the middle of a transformation, introducing a major new platform or looking to streamline software spend, WalkMe accelerates digital adoption for employees and customers without having to rely on in-classroom training, user manuals, or an influx of calls to support centers. With WalkMe, even in times of disruption, organizations can ensure their employees make full use of the digital tools they need to get the job done and that customers will receive the digital experiences they deserve.

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