Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 at TrackMyTemp

Nonprofit uses crowdsourced body temperatures that may help curb Coronavirus goes live to crowdsource human temperature data and give researchers and governments the information they need to fight COVID-19. Human body temperature data is important because it is an early indicator of corona virus infection, even before test results can be obtained.

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Using, people worldwide can easily, voluntarily, securely, and anonymously log their daily temperature for free, using a smart phone, tablet, or computer, and a home thermometer.

The data will be sorted geographically and made available to researchers while preserving the anonymity of the sender. With this invaluable information, experts can create a real-time heat map to predict better when, where, and how to deploy resources to serve those in need, slow the spread of the virus, and plan the timelines and locations of distancing measures, and later, a return to more normal patterns of life.

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All of this is done without an account, or ever sharing your name or email address. Participants simply request a personalized Virtual Thermometer from the website, where they’ll enter their current body temperature taken by their own thermometer, and their age range, as average temps change with age. That thermometer receives a unique web page link, enabling the user to return to it.

For the service to work, people will have to allow location sharing, but the site modifies their location from their phone or computer to ensure anonymity. Nowhere is anyone’s identifying information stored, so there’s nothing to hack. That’s how preserves the safety and identity of participants. Only you control your Virtual Thermometer link.

Users then bookmark their Virtual Thermometer to access it easily for daily readings and a running temperature history. Access Codes can be shared between loved ones – say, to check up on an elderly relative without bothering them, the same way you’d share any web page link.

What about ne’er-do-wells entering false data? This solution runs on the honor system and we are all in the fight against COVID-19 together, but TrackMyTemp is also protected from bots or any non-human interaction and has advanced statistical analytics in the backend that will sideline anyone repeatedly entering bad data.

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