Women’s March Global Selects SurveyMonkey Enterprise To Give A Voice To Women Around The World

Fueled by SurveyMonkey’s robust enterprise solution, the nonprofit’s ‘Global Count’ initiative reaches women in over 150 countries to ask about the human rights issues they face in honor of this year’s International Women’s Day and beyond

SurveyMonkey, a leader in agile software solutions for customer experience, market research, and survey feedback, today partners with Women’s March Global, a nonprofit network for advancing women’s human rights, to release preliminary findings from its Global Count initiative, which launched in January 2021 to collect feedback from women worldwide. Women’s March Global selected SurveyMonkey Enterprise to power the project, which is on track to become one of the largest ever global mapping polls. The data will advocate for the rights of diverse communities of women in lieu of International Women’s Day marches, which were postponed due to COVID-19 distancing measures.

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SurveyMonkey Enterprise provides the vast solution needed for Women’s March Global to engage women worldwide on their unique political, economic, and social challenges. The feedback data collected will inform future efforts to progress gender equality and uproot injustice. SurveyMonkey’s secure platform and robust integration potential were major factors in the nonprofit’s decision to leverage the tool to map critical issues that women face across the globe.

“We’re so excited to be working with SurveyMonkey on the Global Count, one of the largest mappings of women and gender-diverse people’s barriers to progress. With SurveyMonkey’s support we’ve been able to take our mobilization online this year and address mounting concern that data scarcity around women’s issues continues to be a present and consistent threat to our advancement,” Betsy Scolnik, Chair of the Board of Directors at Women’s March Global. “We’ve already reached over 150 countries, building up a rich data set that can be used by organizations and governments across the world to have lasting impact on gender equity. As one of our respondents said when asked what a gender equal future looks like: “I hope that in the future the children will be taught that women and men have the same rights.” We thank SurveyMonkey for their continued support in development and distribution of the Global Count so that we can help make that promise a reality.”

Learn more about how SurveyMonkey Enterprise is empowering organizations around the globe to turn feedback into actionable insights at surveymonkey.com/mp/enterprise.