Fosina Marketing Group Announces Subscription-Based Consulting Services Program

Fosina Will Provide a Variety of Subscription-Based Offerings to Allow Marketers to Build, Implement and Succeed in the Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Arena 

Fosina Marketing Group (Fosina), a leading digital marketing services agency with a focus on optimizing direct-to-consumer acquisition and customer retention within the subscription economy, today announced the launch of a new subscription-based program that provides marketers a means of engaging with the company on a quarterly, six-month and annual basis.

Jim Fosina
Jim Fosina

“Fosina has built a track record over the last 15 years of helping major brands navigate the challenges of building successful direct-to-consumer marketing programs,” said Jim Fosina, Founder and CEO of Fosina Marketing Group. “Today’s marketers face significant challenges in building strategies, programs and business models that provide sustainable and recurring customer affinity and loyalty. With subscription being our expertise, we are now making it easy for clients to work with us on a short-term or long-term basis.”

Subscriptions are available in either 3, 6, 9 or 12-month commitments. Each month, the customer will receive a range of consulting services tailored to the specific needs of the company. The service module includes the following: Competitive Overview, Competitor Marketing Strategy Analysis, Creative & Messaging Analysis, Offer/USP viability report, Infrastructure audit, Best Practices guidelines, Retention/Lifetime Value Analysis, Media Allocation Recommendations, Pro-forma P&L development, Eco-system guidance, Ongoing competitive Performance Monitoring, among others services.

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“With the rise of the subscription economy and the direct-to-consumer channel there are many new companies entering our segment of the industry,” Fosina added. “Our goal is to help these marketers and their initiatives achieve the ROI and results possible in the market. We believe that offering a subscription-based program will allow many more organizations to take advantage of the depth and breadth of our range of consulting services.”

Subscribers have the option to prepay for their subscription services and receive significant discounts. 3-month subscriptions will receive a 10% discount on subscription fees, 6-month will receive 15% off and 12-month will receive a 20% discount off all subscription fees. Subscribing companies will also receive free placement with a fixed cost per order on Fosina’s leading Subscription Box Sunday platform, PollyDrop, which allows retailers to market their subscription offerings the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Fosina has a strong foundation in providing marketers a network of integrated services clients, including Consulting, Creative Design, Website Development/Hosting, Order Transaction, Subscription CRM, Merchant Processing Options, Media Planning/Procurement, Customer Service Management and Warehouse/Shipping execution.

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