HUMBL and BLOCKS Announce Strategic Collaboration on Blockchain Initiatives

HUMBL, Inc., a consumer blockchain company working to simplify use cases across verticals like payments, ticketing and NFTs, announced their collaboration with a decentralized blockchain project called BLOCKS.

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BLOCKS is one of the world’s first Wyoming DAO, LLCs, created to provide a US-based, decentralized blockchain network that will use a combination of BLOCKS, bridges and sidechains to improve the use of blockchain by consumers, corporations and governments.

The BLOCKS and HUMBL teams have already begun experimenting with the use of bridges, and sidechains to reduce gas fees on NFTs by up to 98%, improve NFT metadata storage across modalities like music and video, and create an improved “Verified by BLOCKS” registry to help customers authenticate, track and verify their NFT holdings globally.

HUMBL NFT clients include pro and Olympic athletes, musicians and more that will be launching NFT collections over the coming quarters. The two organizations will also be experimenting with BLOCKS builder blockchain plugin modules across modalities like payments, ticketing and real estate on the HUMBL Wallet and the HUMBL Platform.

“Whether it was Cisco packaging routers and switches, or Apple packaging megabytes and cell minutes on their partner networks, every technology cycle has paired consumer packaging companies and the networks they run on. The HUMBL and BLOCKS Network teams hope to do the same thing here, in giving global consumers a smarter blockchain grid and simple packaging layer on top of it,” said Adam Wolfe, lead blockchain consultant at BLOCKS.

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