Metaiye Media’s award-winning blockchain technology allows fans to collect and collect digital items and NFT’s through a Crypto Media™ Wallet. This innovative technology lets fans build status, accrue value, trade, and engage in the future of digital collectibles. One such collectible, is the Metaiye Knights (“metaKntys”) saga, recently released as Metaiye Media’s lead project.

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The pilot season of metaKnyts, a gripping Afri-futurist, sci-fi cyberpunk story set between the physical world Terra, and its “digital twin” Digiterra, launched successfully in 2019 as a digital comic series with over 15,000 views in the first months of its release, has consistently remained a Top 10 title on Comic Republic, Africa’s largest comic producer and portal. metaKnyts, launched the printed version of their inaugural episode on their online store earlier this month with plans to release new episodes monthly.

According to CEO and Founder, Dele Atanda, “metaKnyts Crypto Comic™ is more than a new superhero franchise, it’s a portal to the shifting future where digital reality and the physical world meet.”

In addition to letting fans own comics and related artwork from the saga as both physical and digital collectibles, known as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), metaKnyts will also allow users to acquire avatar NFTs which they can use in novel ways and even use to earn themselves cameo appearances in the series.

To kick off their avatar NFT offering, Metaiye Media Inc. announced its partnership with professional wrestler, Lionel Green, known in the wrestling ring as Lio Rush, to work together to develop a comic book character based upon Mr. Green’s real-life persona, to appear in a cameo role in the upcoming Season 2 of the metaKnyts Saga.

Metaiye Media Inc. founder, Dele Atanda, plans to work with Mr. Green to develop a “spin-off” comic-book story once initial character development has been completed. Following the development, creation, marketing, and promotion of the Character in Season 2 Metaiye Media Inc. will also additionally work with Green to integrate the character into its metaKnyts video game.

“metaKnyts is a truly visionary and innovative entertainment property that talks to a new generation of fans in a unique and inspiring way. I am excited to be a part of this pioneering initiative,” said Lio Green.

“Our partnership with Lio represents a new model for bringing artists and entertainers into the metaverse, and we are thrilled about what this means for the future of the metaKnyts saga and franchise as a whole,” states founder Dele Atanda.

Green will appear in-person at comic book conventions, festivals, and attend other media events as a metaKnyts ambassador to promote the saga and franchise.

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metaKnyts is seeking to become a leading title in the burgeoning crypto comic and crypto gaming industry, an industry set to reach USD 4,686.2 million by 2026 (MarketWatch).

Metaiye Media is currently raising capital via equity crowdfunding on StartEngine to scale developments on the metaKnyts vision and platform, and how it will unfold across the physical, digital, and crypto world of metaKnyts.