Adstra Launches Whitepaper on “The Multiple Views of the Identity Ecosystem”

Adstra, the first interoperable Data Bureau designed to help marketers align data with business outcomes, announced the launch of its latest whitepaper, The Multiple Views of the Identity Ecosystem. The whitepaper helps guide marketers through the changing and crowded identity ecosystem following the forthcoming deprecation of third-party cookies.

The paper aims to provide those in the industry with a new perspective of the market, helping practitioners find better solutions that suit their needs while navigating the identity provider landscape.

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“The new identity ecosystem is complex, untested, and under constant change as privacy regulations and marketers’ needs evolve,” said Rick Erwin, CEO of Adstra. “Most marketers are struggling to understand where this growing list of solutions plug into their efforts, which work together seamlessly, and which require additional translation and intervention.”

As marketers begin to tackle identity management, they find there are challenges that emerge at every step, and gaps that still need to be addressed. Some of the views Adstra’s whitepaper shares include:

  • Thinking Holistically: Where does identity apply?
  • Data Gaps in the Marketing Process
  • Identity Tech Capabilities
  • Understanding Provider Incentives + Motives
  • Mapping Providers Against Needs by Asking Tough Questions

“Ultimately, brands will need to establish their own fluency with the identity ecosystem and how it operates. The forthcoming deprecation of cookies is a forcing function for this transition, but it is not the only incentive,” said Erwin.

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