Auth0 Identity Platform Now Available on Microsoft Azure

New private cloud deployment option offers customers greater choice, scalability, and reliability

The Auth0 Identity Platform, a product unit within Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA), today announced the launch of the Auth0 Identity Platform on Microsoft Azure. The launch gives customers the ability to choose Azure as their cloud deployment option from Auth0. The addition of Azure as an Auth0 private cloud platform option unlocks a secure cloud deployment option for organizations seeking strategic fit with their technology stack, supporting regional data residency capabilities and higher control over customer data.

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“Companies like Auth0 add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure”

Today, organizations moving to the cloud and selecting a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution require significant control over sensitive customer data and may require local data residency capabilities. They often have to make a hard choice of selecting either a CIAM solution that supports their product differentiation goals or one that meets their technical requirements and regulatory needs. Auth0’s modern identity platform eliminates the need to choose by providing organizations with tools designed to support security, compliance, and data residency needs that may apply to them, across multiple regions globally. The platform’s design can accelerate their time to value and go-to-market strategies to meet their long-term growth goals.

Key benefits of the Auth0 Identity Platform on Azure include:

  • Technology Stack Alignment: Organizations have the flexibility to choose Azure as their preferred cloud vendor for greater technology stack alignment with existing investments in Azure.
  • Data Residency: Improved data residency capabilities for Auth0 customers with Azure’s widespread geographic infrastructure.
  • Streamlined Experience with Private Cloud: A modern, cloud-native platform built with a focus on security and compliance at every level. Organizations requiring data residency options can take advantage of periodic feature updates while maintaining control over the timing and the ability to roll back without the hassle of having to maintain them — resulting in faster time to market and a more seamless experience for organizations and their customers.

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“As more applications move to the cloud and expand globally, organizations depend on their identity service to protect and manage access for their most critical users, applications, and data,” said Shiv Ramji, Chief Product Officer at Auth0. “The Auth0 Identity Platform on Azure can help unlock a secure and compliant cloud deployment experience for organizations seeking support across CIAM use cases. This is especially true for organizations in industries like retail or financial services where selecting vendors that are not competitive to their business is top priority, organizations operating in regions where certain cloud providers have higher geographic availability, and those that have existing technology investments in Azure.”

“Companies like Auth0 add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure,” said Mandana Javaheri, Global Senior Director, SCI Business Development at Microsoft Corp. “With Azure, Auth0 customers have ultimate performance capabilities and control over their environment without the hassle of maintaining it, allowing customers to focus more on their core business proposition.”

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