Launches Verified™ Platform Version 2.4

Verified 2.4 enhancements offer more streamlined, cloud-native facial biometric authentication to defend against identity fraud [Nasdaq: AUID], a leading provider of secure, mobile, biometric identity authentication solutions, today announced the launch of Verified™ Platform Version 2.4. Designed to meet the demands of today’s mobile users for more convenient and seamless identity authentication, the release offers a streamlined user experience, improved speed and enhanced artificial intelligence-backed capabilities. It delivers a sleeker and more convenient user interface and superior quality assessment elements to deliver a consistent, trusted identity authentication process.

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Users today work, shop, socialize, bank, and game across a range of mobile and desktop devices. Verified is a facial biometric authentication solution that prevents skilled cybercriminals and credential-stuffing bots from infiltrating accounts and seizing assets, thereby helping organizations secure their platforms, data, and users from fraud. The product allows users to verify their identities seamlessly with a simple selfie capture on the smart devices they use every day. Verified can be called at any point in the customer journey to mitigate fraud  risk for both consumer and workforce use-cases, including system logins, online transactions, funds transfers, account changes or customer support requests.

The Verified 2.4 browser-based user interface provides the following enhancements:

  • A refreshed, modernized user interface to improve customer experience
  • Enhanced cross-device user authentication capabilities that increase portability
  • Selfie recapture allowance to reduce false rejections caused by unmet quality and liveness thresholds
  • In-browser quality analysis of facial positioning, smile detection, as well as glare and lighting to improve real-time feedback and expedite the identity authentication process.

“This latest version of our Verified platform reflects our vision of delivering the absolute best in biometric identity authentication to businesses of all industries. The intuitive, low-friction, and convenient verification experience built by our expert team establishes the highest level of assurance and mutual trust,” said Jeremiah Mason, SVP of Product of “We are committed to creating best-in-class, cloud-native security solutions and to scaling this cyber infrastructure to help customers across virtually any market segment combat the risks of password and identity fraud.”

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