Daon, the global leader in cross-channel identity continuity solutions, announced today the availability of its next-gen digital identity verification and proofing solution. Daon’s new and improved offering gives customers more back-end power, more data visibility, and more fine-grained control over their identity decision-making than any competing solution, hosted in our secure cloud, and delivered with the streamlined simplicity of an out-of-the-box, no/low code web app.

“We’re always searching for new ways to bring the unrivaled power and data transparency of our IdentityX platform to new customers with the least amount of integration overhead and the shortest time-to-market,” said Conor White, President of the Americas at Daon. “We’re driven to empower our customers on their own terms, which means making our most powerful capabilities fully available in any deployment configuration that suits customers’ needs.”

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Daon customers can choose to deploy identity verification and proofing on-premises or hosted in Daon’s secure cloud. While many choose to develop their own native apps and web apps using Daon SDKs and APIs, other customers will prefer the time and cost savings of a pre-built yet fully customizable web app that works immediately out of the box.

“In addition to the typical use cases that exist in the current business model, when evaluating the future identity proofing needs, most organizations will likely be relying on either a browser-based interaction or an app-based interaction, or possibly both,” wrote Akif Khan, Sr Director Analyst at Gartner™. “If only one is used today, and adding the other is anticipated in the future, it’s important to consider support for that channel and to consider integration options and UX.” **

Because modern users browse and convert across multiple devices and channels, Daon’s solution moves seamlessly from app to browser, from desktop to mobile, and back again.

“IdentityX verification and proofing with Daon gives us the opportunity to bring our learners through a secure verification process. This allows us to address issues quickly and let our learners focus on learning rather than onboarding,” said Julia Henderson, Vice President of Course Operations at Esme Learning. “With Daon, we’ve customized our rule sets based on our particular use case and risk level, and we’ve been able to make adjustments as we observe learner behavior. When a learner is verified (or fails verification), that data appears in our learning platform gradebook within seconds, making it easy for our support team to identify who needs help and jump in immediately to guide the learner to successful verification. ”

To create the web app’s new user experience, Daon researchers studied hundreds of customers—and millions of unique onboarding journeys—in an effort to decipher what users were thinking and feeling as they went through the onboarding process.

“With the latest Daon IdentityX technology, with optimized top tier features for facial capture, facial liveness and facial recognition and the ability to give the user the right feedback at the right time, Polarify are able to give every new user the very best chance of successful verification,” added Tomohiro Wada, CEO Polarify.


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