Dreamium Labs Transforms Your Selfie Into A Secure, Interactive NFT Avatar ID To Traverse The Open Metaverse

The launch of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse Platform and miniiworld app accelerates the decentralized interactive and immersive Web 3.0 in a community-owned NFT platform that rewards players, creators, developers, network operators and charities

Dreamium Labs, the world’s leading open metaverse platform developer, announced today the unveiling of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse, a unique blockchain platform that is laying the groundwork for the next generation of digital engagement and monetization for users, creators, and developers. It is the world’s first open NFT metaverse platform that enables everyone to join simply by taking a selfie which creates their full-body 3D ‘minii’ avatar and blockchain account with an advanced NFT identity system. The first instantiation is available today in the company’s miniiworld app (available on iOS).

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Key Features of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse Platform

  • NFT Character System: The foundation of the Dreamscape community is the miniiverse, an integrated decentralized universal NFT character system (dUNCS, pronounced “dunks”) of intelligent and interactive minii avatars – the users. It authenticates users and manages aesthetics, skills, powers, rankings, and items privately and securely. Now, everyone with a minii can be a part of the next generation of gaming, immersive worlds, social media, and entertainment apps. Your minii serves as the base ‘DNA’ for creating multiple digital personas that are transportable, intelligent, interactive, and immersive. The miniiverse is a global “game-within-a-game” system that provides global player rankings as well as timed quests and missions that span themes nominated and voted on by the community.
  • Interoperability With All Avatars and Characters: The miniiverse dUNCS is designed to be open to all avatar systems and 3D characters from games, television, movies, and independent artists. Any avatar or 3D character can be offered as an NFT drop on the platform for users to select as their NFT avatar ID as they traverse across the open metaverse.
  • Interoperability With Other Blockchains and Tools: An open metaverse requires spanning worlds and applications that may exist on a variety of platforms. The Dreamscape Open Metaverse achieves compatibility by utilizing bridges across blockchains while also providing connectors up stack into popular interactive tools such as game engines and 3D web environments. In doing so, simplicity in development is also achieved by eliminating the need to learn new languages and concepts required in traditional blockchain and crypto dApps.
  • New Play-Create-Develop-to-Earn-plus Donate (PCD2E+D) Rewards Model: Notably, it also introduces the next generation of the popular play-to-earn model (P2E), creating a ‘freewarding’ (free + rewarding) ecosystem that incentivizes users to play, creators to create, and developers to develop, enabling the entire open metaverse community to earn while also donating to charities.
  • Dream Maker nodes and REM tokens: Just like the human brain needs REM sleep to create dreams and function properly, the Dreamscape Network needs its native token, REM, to power the blockchain operations. Dream Maker nodes are the backbone of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse, operating all blockchain functionality, REM tokens and the dUNCS capabilities. REM makes it possible to offer everyone opportunities to secure the network, provide governance and obtain PCD2E+D rewards to accelerate the adoption and long-term sustainability of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse.
  • DAO Community and Charitable Giving Fund: The Dreamscape MetaDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is the proposed decentralized community whose members own and operate The Dreamscape Open Metaverse platform, targeted to launch in early 2022. Its primary mission is to coalesce and engage members on the advancement of an open and decentralized metaverse by adding value to its ongoing operations, technical developments, security, and prosperity. Built into the bylaws is a Charitable Giving Fund focused on helping those in the community in areas of creative pursuits for the underprivileged, mental health issues, and environmental causes — all voted on by the community.

“For far too long, large tech companies have been in control of our platforms and traded on users’ privacy for corporate profits,” said Mike Rubin, founder of Dreamium Labs. “The core mission of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse is to ensure the next big digital platform puts users in control of their interactive digital identity and makes them central in ownership of an environmentally conscious, caring, and charitable community.”

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minii NFT: More Than Just an Avatar
Different from today’s avatars, a minii NFT represents the next generation of interactive identity specifically designed for the metaverse and Web 3.0. It creates a “container” that only the user retains the rights to, and holds their collection of avatar personas, unique digital DNA, aesthetics, skills, powers, rankings, and items privately and securely.

Through the miniiworld app, users take a simple selfie and are presented with two interactive versions of their digital persona: a realistic “minii.me” and a fantasy “minii.toon.” Then, they can personalize and customize their minii with new hairstyles, outfits, and movements.  Users can invite their friends and family to share miniis and collaborate on augmented reality (AR) videos by hosting a minii DJ party, create fun scenes, and much more that can be shared across all social media platforms.

Now, everyone can quickly and easily take their social media content to the next level by creating AR videos. As captions and narration become more commonplace, “Snips” supports scene narration by simultaneously mirroring facial expressions and capturing your voice. Take a photo or record an AR video to post in real-time or talk and narrate existing experiences.

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