As recent figures show that an alarming 90% of Internet users are worried about getting their passwords hacked. Data security company, IDStrong, launches three vital Identity Protection tools that help people check password strength, generate hard-to-crack passwords, and even scan the depths of the dark web to find out if their credentials have been stolen and/or sold on the black market.

“With 100,000 different data breaches exposing over 15 billion user credentials on the dark net, checking how strong and safe passwords are should be everyone’s top priority,” said Levon Gasparian, the founder of “Our new free tools let people KNOW if their online security is threatened by a weak or already-compromised password, and most importantly, helps them ACT immediately by instantly creating a difficult-to-guess replacement password to shield accounts against future cyber dangers,” continued Gasparian.

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The three tools are very straightforward, easy to use, and safe, being based on an instant check-as you-type technology:

  • The IDStrong Password Strength Checker tests passwords for faulty formulations. It indicates the level of security and the four types of must-have characters that fortify ultra-strong passwords: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols.
  • The IDStrong Strong Password Generator helps people protect sensitive data all over the Internet by creating secure, almost-impossible-to-hack, random passwords for their online accounts or user profiles right away.
  • The IDStrong Dark Web Scan puts users’ minds at ease by answering simple questions like “Has my password been compromised?” The IDStrong advanced deep-scanning shows someone’s stolen/leaked credentials and if their personal information risks being exploited by cybercriminals.

While weak passwords are responsible for over 80% of data breaches, IDStrong’s decisive stance against password hacking and the dedicated commitment towards achieving maximum password protection goes beyond these three innovative tools. By offering a large suite of educational resources and complimentary identity protection scanners, trackers, and notifications, IDStrong reaffirms its dedication towards consistently building data security awareness and helping digital users understand the critical importance of maintaining healthy password habits.

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