Intent IQ and Infolinks Join Forces to Boost Bid Ratio & Revenues

Intent IQ’s bid enhancement service yields over 30% increase in ROI for digital ad campaigns run by Infolinks

Next generation identity resolution leader Intent IQ has joined forces with Infolinks, an exclusive contextually-driven ad marketplace. The new partnership has yielded impressive results. Through the use of Intent IQ’s bid enhancement service powered by its signature Identity Device Graph mixed with context, Infolinks has seen significant increases in targeted value, up to 30% and continuing to improve month over month.

Infolinks partnered with Intent IQ to improve visibility for its advertiser partners across different devices. Intent IQ’s technology enhanced Infolinks’ bidstream with additional identifiers in multiple platforms IDs across all users’ devices, increased bid ratio, eCPM and value to the Infolinks platform and its partners. Infolinks’ exclusive ad marketplace enables viewable advertising with contextual intent targeting and across a network of website partners, providing advertisers with a scalable solution for display, video and native success in a cookieless world.

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“We are very impressed with the immediate impact we’ve seen through our integration with Intent IQ. The growth for revenues and eCPMs across our marketplace is very encouraging, especially given the uncertainty around how campaign performance will be impacted in cookieless environments,” said Bob Regular, CEO, Infolinks. “We are looking forward to our continued work together in helping advertisers and publishers navigate the changing digital ad ecosystem this year and beyond.”

Intent IQ’s bid enhancement service is powered by Intent IQ’s patented Identity Device Graph that processes over 20 billion events every 24 hours, over 11 billion email open/login events each month, and holds 80+ different attributes inside. This provides a view of devices and behaviors that empower partners like Infolinks with the ability to identify and authenticate households, people, devices, and profiles across over 110 million households in the US and Canada, in multiple environments including cookieless, MAID-less and CTV.

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Intent IQ offers a suite of solutions specifically designed for the demise of the third-party cookie and MAID like its Mobile Identity Hub, which enable cross-app, cross-site and cross-device targeting and attribution in a privacy friendly fashion.

“During this pivotal time in digital advertising, it’s important to work with companies who are prepared for the future in which identity looks very different. There will be new challenges around reaching consumers as well as figuring out the components of an ad campaign that were most effective,” said Roy Shkedi, Chairman, Intent IQ. “We are pleased with the results we have seen through our partnership with Infolinks and look forward to continuing to build on the relationship and create even more opportunities for growth.”

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