Ipsidy Announces Enhanced ProofTM Service with Automated ID Authentication of US, Canadian and Mexican Driver’s Licenses

Ipsidy Inc., a leading provider of secure, mobile biometric identity solutions, including Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is pleased to announce it has launched a fully automated, algorithm-based driver’s license authentication service for US, Canadian, and Mexican Driver’s license as an enhancement to ProofTM, its digital identity verification service.

The days of simply checking a government ID and believing your customer was who they said they were are over. With an onslaught of stolen identity data for sale on the dark web, businesses and governments need new digital tools that help onboard good customers with ease, and quickly weed out fraudulent accounts. With the addition of driver’s license authentication, Proof by Ipsidy can now deliver the highest level of trust in remote, biometric identity and credential authenticity to the North American market.

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ProofTM offers a seamless user experience supporting mobile identity document capture, liveness confirmation and facial biometric matching of a selfie to the credential photo. Now—instantly, automatically and without human intervention—Ipsidy’s IDaaS platform also validates the authenticity of the driver’s license and confirms its possession by the rightful owner. Proof delivers enhanced security and trust to new customer and employee onboarding in financial services, tele-medicine, e-commerce, sale of age-restricted product as well as online to offline marketplaces.

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“Knowing when and where your customers access your systems to transact and preventing their accounts from being accessed by anyone pretending to be them, are the keys to establishing security and trust in today’s digital and remote world.” said Phillip Kumnick CEO of Ipsidy Inc. “With the addition of North American driver’s license authentication to our mobile facial biometric solutions, Ipsidy can help financial service, e-commerce, healthcare and gig-economy providers onboard customers and verify their presence with ease, all while ensuring user accounts cannot be compromised by account takeover or identity fraud.”

Transform your business today. Get started with Proof and our North American driver’s license authentication through an easy API integration to our IDaaS platform. Enjoy quick implementation of our flexible workflows to deliver high assurance in your remote onboarding and identity verification, without the fear of identity fraud.

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