Janrain Taps Industry Veteran Alan Elliot VP of Worldwide Sales and Alliances

Alan Elliot is an Industry Leader in Identity Management, Cybersecurity, and Network Infrastructure who would Lead Global Expansion for Janrain into CIAM Market

Janrain, the leader in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) has announced the hiring of Alan Elliot as the company’s vice president of worldwide sales and alliances. Elliot brings more than 25 years of senior-level experience selling identity management, marketing technology, and most significantly cybersecurity enterprises to Fortune 1,000 companies, an extensive and diversified background that aligns well with Janrain’s core offerings.

Janrain pioneered the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category and is a market leader in Privacy by Design.

Elliot said, “In 2009, analysts were defining cloud computing. Now the global 3000 are all driving a cloud-first strategy. In 2017, I believe these same companies are becoming ‘identity-first’, embracing a consumer identity strategy that makes CIAM indispensable in our highly digital and connected world. Janrain was first to market with CIAM and continues to offer the best identity solutions for enterprises that seek scalability with the cloud, higher levels of security, and mission-critical capabilities.”

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Alan Elliot would Pilot Janrain’s Journey into CIAM’s Hyper Growth Market

Alan Elliot will lead Janrain’s global efforts to strengthen its leadership position in a market that is expected to see triple-digit growth. According to a report, the Identity and Access Management market will grow to $14.82 billion by 2021. CIAM sits at the axis point where cloud computing enabled identity will scale digital application development time-to-value, marketing technology effectiveness, data and analytics ROI, and an improved ability to secure the consumer’s most important asset–their customer’s identity.

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Global brands need a way to provide their customers a secure and seamless experience across all digital channels, including traditional web and mobile, as well as the many new internet-connected “things” proliferating in the mainstream marketplace. Moreover, brands need a way to get to know their consumers deeply in a way that adheres to tighter privacy and data governance restrictions worldwide, so that they can continue to drive deeper engagement without incurring massive penalties.

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Janrain pioneered the CIAM category in 2002 and currently provides an easy multichannel experience for 1.5 billion online customer accounts on behalf of more than 3,500 companies, including Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Consumer Reports, Hershey’s, McDonald’s, Philips, Marvel and Dr Pepper.

Alan Elliot has Certified Experience in the Cybersecurity and Identity Management Industry

Prior to joining Janrain, Elliot served as senior vice president of worldwide sales at cybersecurity software company PAS. This followed leading North and Latin America sales as vice president of sales for Fidelis Cybersecurity. He has also held sales leadership positions for APAC and Latin America markets for Proofpoint, a provider of SaaS and on-premises solutions for email security, archiving and data loss prevention, and Critical Path, a collaboration and identity management software company.

Jim Kaskade
Jim Kaskade, CEO of Janrain

Jim Kaskade, CEO of Janrain, said, “Janrain has the tools to help brands navigate the tightrope of delivering a painless, highly personalized digital experience in an increasingly strict regulatory environment, and Alan Elliot has the unique skillset needed to turn this into value for enterprises. We look forward to benefitting from his security focus, coupled with his well-rounded experience including marketing technology and identity management.”

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